Our Youth

Youth Views: Your thoughts leading into World Youth Day?

Lily Fitzpatrick
St. John’s University
St. Mel’s Church
I am excited to attend WYD Panama for my first time to further my faith as a young Christian. I am so grateful for the guidance of Father Sauer, Father Barozzi, Father Lee and Paula Migliore. I am especially humbled by the support of the parishioners of St. Mel parish in my faith journey.


Clairete Jean-Pierre
Hunter College
Our Lady of Lourdes Church
This is my first World Youth Day and I don’t think I can grasp that many people in one place praying at the same time. I have been mentally preparing for the unexpected.


Vivian Argoty
Hofstra University
Our Lady of Lourdes Church
I’ve been preparing by always attending Mass and I looked over the pilgrim prayer and listened to the WYD Panama anthem. I’ve also prepared physically. I’ve been going to the gym!