Critics Hope to Rein In Emergency Pandemic Powers for Cuomo, de Blasio

The Legislature voted in March to give Gov. Andrew Cuomo the power to suspend certain laws by executive order during the COVID-19 pandemic, but critics say it’s time to end the added authority because statewide coronavirus deaths have dropped significantly. 

Only in Print: ‘Graffiti-Free NYC’ Is Wiped Away

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to scrap a program providing free graffiti removal assistance to private property owners has lawmakers and business leaders concerned that New York City is returning to the bad old days of the 1970s when spray-painted tags were everywhere.

Bevelyn Beatty’s BLM Protest Campaign

The woman dropped to her hands and knees, landing in the puddle of black paint she just splashed onto the “Black Lives Matter” mural on the pavement outside Trump Tower on 5th Avenue.

Cardinal Dolan Blesses Ashes of Mexican Nationals Who Died of COVID-19

Inside New York’s iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral, some 250 Mexican nationals were hailed as anonymous heroes July 11, after dying of COVID-19, which they likely contracted as they kept the city moving when it was experiencing the peak of the pandemic earlier this year.