Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Target Christians, Activists Charge

Shakeel Rafael’s brother is currently sitting in a jail cell in Pakistan awaiting trial on blasphemy charges. Nadeem Samson has been behind bars for three years and his family has asked the State Department to put pressure on the government of Pakistan to release him.


RBG’s Journey Began in Brooklyn

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s roots are deeply entrenched in Brooklyn. The Supreme Court justice, whose death on Sept. 18 at the age of 87 set off a period of national mourning, was born and raised in the borough.

Cardinal Dolan’s Prayer Opens Republican National Convention

New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan thanked God for living in a country that respects religious freedom and prayed for people battling COVID-19 and those caring for them, the unborn, the elderly, immigrants and refugees during the opening evening of the Republican National Convention.

Travel Nurse Recalls Impact Fighting COVID-19 in NYC had on her Career

 Since the Department of Health and Human Services allowed medical professionals to travel across state lines to help patients affected by the pandemic back in March, there have been roughly 4,000 travel nurses sent to New York. Janelle Orbon, a critical care nurse from Denver, is one of the many out-of-town nurses saving lives in New York. 

Only in Print: Displaced Teachers Stay Hopeful

With the new school year slated to begin next month, Catholic educators are preparing to adapt to the new norm of teaching with social distancing and face coverings. However, others already affected by this year’s estimated 140 closures across the country are trying to remain hopeful about their professions.

Critics Hope to Rein In Emergency Pandemic Powers for Cuomo, de Blasio

The Legislature voted in March to give Gov. Andrew Cuomo the power to suspend certain laws by executive order during the COVID-19 pandemic, but critics say it’s time to end the added authority because statewide coronavirus deaths have dropped significantly.