Brooklyn Group Gets Spiritual Growth at Youth Conference

Youth from Mary of Nazareth and St. Thomas Aquinas parishes in Brooklyn journeyed to California Nov. 10-12 for the National Catholic Youth Conference. The event’s theme was “Walking on Water,” and they came home brimming with motivation to achieve greatness for God’s Kingdom.

They came home inspired to seek greatness, despite their own limitations.

CMS’ New Effort Helps Eviction Victims Get Legal Representation

Catholic Migration Services is part of an effort advocating for free lawyers in housing court, which is guaranteed by law in NYC for qualifying tenants facing eviction. But now, 17,000 litigants who qualify for the service still don’t have one — but their cases are moving forward in court anyway.

Chaplains Aim to Help Vets With No Hope Amid Rise in Suicides

Preventing suicides among former service members is a top priority of the chaplains working with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Sharing that mission are Father Ivan Tyhovych (left) and Father Andrew Sioleti, chief of chaplains, at the VA’s New York Harbor Health System in Manhattan.

Father Lauder’s Favorite Films

Father Robert Lauder has been enjoying movies for more than 80 years. Still, his favorites make for a short list, starting with “On the Waterfront,” from 1954.

Father Lauder Sees Movies as a Life Lesson for His Faith

The melding of philosophy and spirituality expressed in art — particularly movies — has turned Father Robert Lauder into a film aficionado. As a philosophy professor at St. John’s University he shows his classes his favorite movies, like “On the Waterfront,” and “A Man for All Seasons.” He wants students to consider if movies can “tell us something about God.”

How Nigerians, Brazilians, Vietnamese and Filipinos Celebrate Christmas

The Diocese of Brooklyn is known as the “Diocese of Immigrants.” Its international flavor means that Mass is celebrated in dozens of languages and church pews are filled with parishioners of many nationalities. With that in mind, The Tablet is taking a look at how the different cultures represented in the diocese celebrate Christmas. This week, we focus on Nigeria, Brazil, the Philippines and Vietnam. 

Dancer Saw Racism Up Close While Touring the U.S. in 1950s

Frances Rhymes rubbed elbows with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Alvin Ailey, and Michael Jackson over the years, but her favorite place in the world is not some star-studded Hollywood party. She’d rather be in church.