‘Rejected’ Nigerian Bishop, Backed by Pope, Resigns

Eight months after ordering priests in a Nigerian diocese to pledge their obedience to the pope and accept the bishop that now-retired Pope Benedict XVI had named for them, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the disputed bishop.

Vatican Invited to Olympics Opening Ceremony

For the first time, the International Olympic Committee has invited a Vatican delegation not only to take part in the opening ceremony of the Winter Games, but also to attend its general meeting as an official observer.

Letter on Chilean Bishop Surfaces

Less than a week after the Vatican announced Pope Francis was sending a trusted investigator to Chile to listen to people with information about a bishop accused of covering up clerical sexual abuse, the Associated Press reported the pope was given a detailed letter from a survivor almost three years ago.

In-Flight Wedding on Papal Plane Met All Requirements

When Pope Francis convalidated the marriage of two flight attendants in the air, the story sent waves of turbulence through the Catholic blogosphere, but the Holy Father did not make the decision on the fly.

Pope to Investigate Chilean Bishop

Pope Francis asked a longtime expert in handling abuse allegations to gather new information in Chile concerning Bishop Juan Barros of Osorno.

Irish Gov’t Sets Vote That Could Legalize Abortion

The Irish government announced it will hold a referendum in late May asking citizens whether they want to retain or delete the constitutional article that provides for the equal right to life of the mother and her unborn child “with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother.”