Season Two Opens for Famed Paris Cathedral, But It’s a Long-Running Show

For centuries, tourists visiting Paris have stopped along the banks of the Seine to gawk at the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Now, they pause to consider what could have happened – what almost did happen – five months ago, when a fire nearly brought down the 850-year-old landmark.

Millions Flock to See Pope Francis in Southern Africa

During his Sept. 4-10 visit to the 3 M’s of the Indian Ocean — Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius — Pope Francis saw firsthand three nations full of inequalities: the first two, marred by violence and poverty, and the third, considered the most developed country in Africa.

Pope Calls on Mauritius to Welcome and Protect Migrants

During the eight hours Pope Francis spent in Mauritius, a multiethnic island nation in the Indian Ocean about 1,200 miles off the coast of Africa, he urged the inhabitants to remember their immigrant roots and to integrate those who are arriving as they were welcomed by their ancestors.