In Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pope Travels to Peripheries

Pope Francis’ call to ‘go into the peripheries’ is real. In his brief pontificate, he has shown his concern for the poor by calling the Church ‘of the poor and for the poor.’ He has drawn the attention of the world leaders and all concerned by declaring Nov. 19 as a day of the world poor.

World Day of the Poor

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio has written to all pastors and administrators in the diocese asking that they observe Pope Francis’ request to celebrate Sunday, Nov. 19, as the First World Day of the Poor.

Vatican Bans Sale of Cigarettes

Concerned by the damage caused by smoking, Pope Francis has banned the sale of cigarettes in Vatican City State.

Brooklyn Priest Become Taiwanese Citizen

A Maryknoll missionary priest from Brooklyn who has lived and served in Taiwan for most of the last 54 years joined with elementary school children to sing the Taiwan national anthem during National Day celebrations on Oct. 10.

Walk from Assisi to Rome Is No Roman Holiday

After weeks of navigating difficult terrain, avoiding wild animals and steep cliffs, the devoted pilgrims and hiking enthusiasts who manage to traverse the 155 miles between Assisi and Rome on foot arrive in St. Peter’s Basilica and report a special kind of payoff.