Questions Persist on Why Women Can’t Vote in Synod

Women and their role in the Church continues to be a key topic of discussion at the halfway point of this month’s Synod, with many inside the hall pushing for female inclusion in positions of influence and leadership.

Longtime Papal Photographer Talks About Life Behind the Lens

While Arturo Mari may have started his professional photography career in the Vatican taking pictures of Pope Pius XII when he was just 16 years old, Mari’s work commanded the world’s attention when he accompanied history’s most travel-minded pope, St. John Paul II, on more than 100 pastoral visits outside Italy.

St. Romero: An Icon of a ‘Poor Church for the Poor’

At a 2007 meeting of the Latin American bishops in Aparecida, Brazil – where then-Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio would play an instrumental role that would later serve as a catalyst for his election to the papacy – he’s said to have remarked that “Oscar Romero is saint and a martyr, and if I became pope I would canonize him.”

St. Paul VI – A Refined and Recognizably Human Pope

According to the Catholic theology of sainthood, canonization amounts to a judgment that a particular individual is already in heaven enjoying the beatific vision, meaning the unmediated presence of God – to quote St. Paul in 1 Corinthians, no longer seeing the splendor of God “indistinctly, as in a mirror, but face to face.”

Army Expels Eight Priests, Nuns, Teachers From Myanmar

Catholic clergy and laypeople have been expelled from Myanmar’s northern Shan state by a China-backed ethnic minority army. Two Salesian priests, three nuns from the Missionary Society of St. Paul and three lay teachers were ordered by the United Wa State Army to leave the Wa Hills, which border China, reported

Bishops Say Young Want a Sincere, Welcoming Church

Bishops from Chile and Puerto Rico told the Synod of Bishops that the Church must do more to help young people live out their faith and involve them in the life of the Church rather than leaving them to find guidance elsewhere.

Washington Archdiocese Releases Abusers Names

The Archdiocese of Washington has voluntarily released the names of abusive priests and stated that there have been no credible claims of abuse made against archdiocesan priests in almost 20 years.

New Bible Aims to Bridge The Catholic ‘Scripture Gap’

It’s no mystery that Protestants often embarrass Catholics in terms of mastery of scripture. While a Lutheran, for example, could be found reciting the entire Book of Deuteronomy, many Catholics would struggle to distinguish certain scripture verses.