Child Benefit Funds and School Choice Plans

School choice is not just a matter of education policy but is also one of the most significant and far-reaching issues of both civil rights and social justice for our time.

Stop Asian Hate, and Let Us All Live in Peace

A couple of months ago, on a Wednesday afternoon after attending church, I went to a grocery store around 5th Avenue to buy some groceries. I was with a friend of mine and I had brought my cart with me to carry my groceries.

‘Unless You Turn And Become Like Little Children’

It struck me as a bit odd that, besides a large wide-brimmed floppy hat, the small child wore a mask that covered so much of his face. I didn’t think that was required for one so young. But of course! All those who enter Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center on 74th Street in Manhattan must still don a face mask.

Battling Constantly For Truth

We Christian soldiers must faithfully come out every second Saturday of the month to St. Paul Church and then prayerfully proceed to the abortion facility on Court Street to save lives, to stop the violence, and most importantly, to defend our heritage — which is nothing less than the Truth of Jesus Christ, and the Gospel of Life, in this weary world where so many individuals are confused, broken, and sadly, deceived.

Education Succeeds Through Teamwork

I have always been happy to be a Catholic school teacher, but this year I am bursting with pride. What began as a year of trepidation has ended in triumph!

Statue a Lasting Tribute To Cabrini’s Legacy

While we may never know the reason, I know that Mother Cabrini would seek understanding and hope that the new Diocese of Brooklyn monument and all of the other honors bring more of us together to know the motivation for her life’s work, Jesus.

The Value of a Strong School Support System

COVID-19 has been a life-altering experience for many. But, I can’t imagine that any graduating senior thought they’d finish one of their academic milestones at home because of a pandemic.

The Heart of a Priest Changing Assignments

In the summer of 2011, when I was still a seminarian, I traveled to China to participate in the centennial of the founding of the Maryknoll missionaries. While there, a priest from that community told our group that the life of a missionary is fundamentally to “go where you are needed.” An evangelist must always be ready to leave surroundings that have become familiar and even comfortable for the sake of the Gospel.

Awaiting My Time to Serve God’s Children

As I wait to be ordained a priest of Jesus Christ in two weeks, I cannot help but feel in awe of how the Lord is preparing me to receive the grace of being ordained.

Help Save The Hyde Amendment

For 45 years, the Hyde Amendment has prevented Americans’ federal tax dollars from funding most abortions. Named for former Illinois Congressman Henry Hyde, it’s a rider attached to various appropriations bills and renewed annually. Now, President Biden has joined some members of Congress in denouncing the policy as discriminatory and calling for it to be scrapped.