Never Tire of Fighting The Pro-Life Fight

As people of God, we are continuing to fight for the protection of these defenseless lives. We will not tire of praying our Rosary to our Blessed Mother, a peaceful, powerful weapon to overcome this evil.

A Bias Against Children’s Lives

Thirty years ago, my wife was 16 weeks pregnant with our third child. At a routine prenatal checkup, our doctor suddenly looked very concerned and said she couldn’t hear our baby’s heartbeat.

Saint Athanasius’ 50th Anniversary Reunion

When you’re an eighth-grader with just about all of your life ahead of you, wringing all the enjoyment you can out of grammar school life, you perhaps attempt to excel at sports, fantasize or theorize about what may await you once you transition to high school, and, of course, you make friends.

Chronicles from Ukraine: A Morning in Wartime

Mornings in my country are no longer good and peaceful, as they used to be. Now, every morning in Ukraine is full of the death of our innocent children, full of the death of peaceful people, full of destroyed families.

Breaking the Sonic Barrier During Lent

I really wanted the Sonic drink. But it was the first Friday of Lent, and I gave up Sonic for Lent. So there I was sitting at the stoplight, fighting myself on whether or not I would turn left to Sonic or right to get home.

Women of Ordinary Time

Throughout March, myriad celebrations of “Women’s History Month” unfolded. I understand the sentiment behind this and see the great value in recognizing the contributions that so many of my sisters, past and present, have made to building our society.

The Second Day of The War in Ukraine

Thoughts come to my mind: Why do young people and children have to live this experience? Why are they forced to spend their mornings and days in Lviv at the Catholic University of Ukraine?

The Day War Broke Out in Ukraine

For all Ukrainians, February 24 became the starting point of the inevitable way to the victory of good over evil.