How Do We Keep ‘Cradle Catholics’ in Church?

by Elise Italiano

In his book “The Four Loves,” C.S. Lewis writes, “The typical expression of opening friendship would be something like, ‘What? You too? I thought I was the only one.’”

Celebrating Mother’s Day At 11,152 Feet Altitude

Mother’s Day was usually an enjoyable family gathering, with my sisters and mother. However, my most memorable Mother’s Day was in 2009. My husband and I were on a bucket list trip to Peru with my mother and uncle. Our destination was Machu Picchu.

Meet New Coordinator of Special Needs Religious Ed

by John DiBiase
Special Needs Religious Education.
What exactly does this broad term mean? For some, it may be as simple as not quite up to grade level in reading; for others it may describe complex needs. Regardless of the child or adult’s “special need,” there is no reason why she or he should not be admitted into the fullness of our faith.

Protecting Our Borders Is A Matter of Justice

Pope Francis made a good point when he said “every nation has the right to secure its own borders.” He also expressed serious concern over the plight of the refugees in the Middle East and Europe. He is encouraging all nations to be merciful as they formulate their immigration policies.

Palm Sunday Gospel Shows Fulfillment of Prophecies

This year on Palm Sunday, we read the account from the Gospel of Matthew of the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem. Scholars typically recognize Matthew’s as the Gospel with the greatest focus on the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy, and this scene is no exception.

‘Give It a Rest’ Becomes Part of Lenten Mantra

God has a plan for me, for all of us. If I let go a bit more of my own volition, that plan may become a bit clearer, and thereby, a bit more attainable. So, as we near the end of the challenging season of Lent 2017, I am adding “Give It A Rest” to my daily mantras.

Sisters Are As Relevant As They’ve Ever Been

CSJ, RSM, OP, SC, OSB, SND, OSF, DW, CSFN and more…Whatever the post-nominal letters that follow their names, they all signify the same thing: a Catholic sister ministering to the people of God.

Teens Being Fed Fake News By the Secular Media

Teen Vogue is a magazine for teen and pre-teen girls that focuses on fashion, makeup, shopping and pop culture. Its Facebook page has been “liked” by almost six million people, undoubtedly most of them teenagers.