Scouting & My Eagle Scout Project

Over the course of a decade being a Scout, I’ve met many people, earned close to 40 merit badges, and accumulated hundreds of hours of community service. 

The Traditions of Advent Season

This Sunday, Nov. 27, marks the beginning of Advent, a time of anticipation for the coming of Christ. Many wonderful traditions practiced throughout the world offer a glimpse of the varied ways we can awaken this spirit of anticipation within ourselves, our families, and our communities. 

A Feel-Good Brooklyn Pigeon Story

Recently, my neighbor approached my husband Arthur and I, very concerned. In his front yard, between the stoop and the trash cans, a pigeon sojourned for three days and nights. My neighbor fed it seeds, provided a little shoebox shelter, and hoped no rats would attack it. 

We’ll Never Forget Our Daughter

Back in April, as my partner Crystal was researching and educating herself on stillbirths, she came across this non-profit organization called Push for Empowered Pregnancy. Before our daughter, Valentina, was born still on Dec. 8, 2021, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Crystal had never heard of “stillbirth.” 

The Added Value of Catholic Journalism

In July I retired from a 39-year career as a journalist in the Catholic press. Those years were spent writing, editing, photographing and laying out pages at five diocesan newspapers. 

Girl in a Wheelchair: Post-COVID Lessons

It was a rainy day. On my way to the residence, I saw “Danielle” in a wheelchair, playing with the raindrops at the main entrance of the Vanier Library at Concordia University, Montreal. She looked happy and relaxed. It is not unusual to see students either with an arm cast or a leg cast on the university campus. 

The Inheritance of Ordinary Time

In September, the Catholic University community gathered for our annual Mass of the Holy Spirit to mark the start of the new academic year. I prayed for my students and my colleagues — and I hope that they prayed for me. 

Bishop Valero and Our Call to Love One Another

On Friday, Oct. 7, I was honored to be at the dedication ceremony of the Bishop Rene A. Valero Senior Residence in Astoria. Catholic Charities of the Brooklyn Diocese has provided a beautiful, modern affordable residence for seniors and those seniors who have experienced being homeless. I went with Mary and Gerry Purcell — Mary is Bishop Valero’s niece. 

Cancel Columbus, Cancels All Italians

Why is Columbus so important to you? That’s a question I get from many, especially this time of year. Well, the answer starts in Brooklyn.

A Coincidence in Life or God’s Plan?

“There is no coincidence in life.”  Bishop Frank Caggiano of Bridgeport, Connecticut, made that observation awhile back in his “Let Me Be Frank” Radio Veritas podcast with his guest, Deacon Greg Kandra, creator of the popular blog, The Deacon’s Bench.