Human Trafficking: Millions Are Trapped in Forced Marriages, Labor

Around the world, human trafficking has reached horrific new heights. Fueled by conflict, poverty, food insecurity and the effects of climate change, traffickers are finding new opportunities to prey on those who are searching for safety. Pope Francis, who has made combating human trafficking a priority, recently acknowledged the impact of Talitha Kum at an exhibit in Rome.

Supreme Court Green Card Order Could Hurt Local Immigrants

In January, the Supreme Court ruled that a Trump administration order that makes it easier for the government to block immigrants from obtaining admission into the United States, or gaining residency status, can be enforced until a final court ruling is issued.

Bishop Urges Catholics to Exercise ‘Prudence’ When Voting

Moral theology often focuses on individual policy decisions and how they measure against Catholic teaching – but too little attention has been paid to how Catholics should navigate voting for specific candidates, said Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego in a sweeping address ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

President Trumpets School Choice

By devoting several minutes of his State of Union address on Feb. 4 to school choice, President Donald Trump put the topic in the national spotlight. It’s an issue that Catholic educators care deeply about, because any government policy that supports school choice could make Catholic schools affordable for many more parents, advocates say.