Msgr. Jonas Achacoso

Due Care & Safety Of Tabernacles

The Church asserts that there has always been due diligence exercised as to her responsibility in giving precautions for the care and security of the reservation of the Holy Eucharist in tabernacles.

On the Accelerating Passage of Time

In one of his Blackford Oakes novels, William F. Buckley, Jr. had a character crack a Wagnerian joke along these lines: What is Siegfried? Siegfried is the opera that begins at 7 p.m. and when you wake up three hours later, you’re shocked to find out that it’s only 7:30.

Another Assault On John Paul II

On May 13, 1981, Pope John Paul II had lunch in the papal apartment with Dr. Jerome Lejeune, the renowned French pediatrician and geneticist who identified the chromosomal abnormality that causes Down Syndrome.

The Irrepressible Midge Decter

About two-thirds of the way through that fine 1992 film, A League of Their Own, star catcher Dottie Hinson has had enough of the grind and is ready to quit.

The Lessons of Russian Warmaking

Four and a half months after Russia invaded Ukraine on the Orwellian pretext of displacing a “Nazi” regime — a regime that enjoys a democratic legitimacy absent from Russia for two decades — what have we learned about, and from, the Russian way of war?

Long Day’s Journeys Need Pro-Life Light

Looking into the soft brown eyes of a young girl who had seemed destined not to live made me shudder for a moment. Shudder for how easily this nation has allowed so many, many beautiful girls and handsome boys to literally miss seeing the light of day.

Dobbs and the U.S. Vindication

Prior to June 24, the U.S. Supreme Court’s most important civil rights decision was handed down on May 17, 1954. Then, in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, the Court declared racially segregated public facilities unconstitutional, effectively reversing its 1896 decision in Plessy v. Ferguson, which upheld state-mandated segregation laws.

Msgr. Jonas Achacoso

Reform History of The Roman Curia

As Catholics, the reform of the Roman Curia is a hot topic at the moment. As of June 5, 2022, the solemnity of the Pentecost, the new apostolic constitution, Praedicate Evangelium (Preach the Gospel), for the reform of the Roman Curia, is now in effect.

My Pentecost Trip To Uvalde, Texas

I visited Uvalde, Texas on June 5, the feast of Pentecost, with a couple from the Charismatic Renewal from Austin, amid a hot sun and a temperature of 106 degrees Fahrenheit.