Books to Give For Christmas 2021

Some suggestions for Christmas giving, in the form of books that amuse, inspire, educate or all-of-the-above.

Msgr. Jonas Achacoso

Nativity Mystery Through The Eyes Of St. Joseph

Early in December, we will be closing the Year of St. Joseph. Just like so many partings, we may find ourselves with mixed emotions. One thing is for sure: This year of grace has blessed the Church and has enriched many lives spiritually. It also has fostered more devotion to the Patron of the Universal Church and the Master of Interior Life.

U.S. Bishops, Officials, Media: Communion Clarity Needed

The confusions originating from online Catholic sources and social media have been exacerbated by a mainstream press that has consistently misrepresented what the bishops are doing. I hope the following clarifications are useful.

On St. John Paul II’s 75th Anniversary

By any worldly measure, 1946 was an annus horribilis in Poland. With the exceptions of Cracow and Lodz, every Polish city lay in ruins. The homeless and displaced numbered in the millions. As a ruthless Stalinism tightened its grip on a country that had been doubly decimated during World War II, heroes of the anti-Nazi resistance were executed on spurious charges by Poland’s new communist overlords.

Msgr. Jonas Achacoso

Synod Invitations: Come Listen, Come Speak

What I have seen so far on this “Synod on Synodality” is a symphony of surprises. The first surprise for me is the topic itself. “Synodality” is a new term not even registered yet in dictionaries.

A Shanksville Meditation: On 9/11, Dignity Soared

The most moving feature of the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, are the pictures of the 40 brave men and women who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, while preventing al-Qaeda terrorists from destroying the U.S. Capitol.

The Pope, ‘Estranged’ Catholics, Holy Communion

Certain Catholic media platforms that often function as de facto extensions of Jen Psaki’s White House press office have continually urged U.S. bishops to dodge the issue of pro-abortion Catholic politicians receiving holy Communion.