Five Momentous Years

Pope Francis has led the Church for the last five years, smelling his sheep throughout the world. He has been sensitive to the pastoral needs of his flock, showing deep concern for the poor and the marginalized.

Vocations: Thinking Outside the Box

It was the weekend of Dec. 4, 1959 and my Giants were playing the Cleveland Browns for the Division title that Sunday. My father had season tickets and I could have gone except that my senior homeroom at Brooklyn Prep had a mandatory retreat.

The Great Do-Over

As a young boy I had some very powerful statements I could use under many different circumstances. One of the most powerful was, “Do-over.”

I Want to Be a Priest

It is 1957 and my first week of school at St. Teresa School in Woodside. I had turned six in June and so was probably the oldest in the first grade. Sister Margaret Agnes had asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, and I had responded, “I want to be a priest.”

On Freezing Embryos and Consciences

Days apart, clinics offering in vitro fertilization in Cleveland, Ohio, and San Francisco, Calif., had malfunctions in their storage tanks, endangering thousands of frozen eggs and embryos.

Sick of the Violence

IN HER 1971 collection of poetry entitled “A Grain of Mustard Seed,” the late poet, novelist and journal-writer May Sarton wrote:

Parsing the “T”

ABOUT FIVE YEARS AGO, a friend took her son with her when she went to a beauty shop to get her hair cut. The hairdresser was snipping away and the boy was engrossed in reading on his Kindle when another mother came into the shop with her daughter in tow. The daughter was carrying an American Girl doll, and the mother announced to the entire beauty shop, “We’re here to get the doll’s hair cut. We’re transgendering her!”

Hope and Courage as The Altar Draws Closer

by Brendon Harfmann

A brother seminarian recently sent greetings from Rome and spoke of the excitement building up within as our ordinations to the transitional diaconate and priesthood draw closer.

The Latino Effect of Pope Francis

POPE FRANCIS WAS elected five years ago on March 13, 2013. Two firsts about him captured people’s imaginations: the first Jesuit and the first Latin American ever elected pope.