The Pope, ‘Estranged’ Catholics, Holy Communion

Certain Catholic media platforms that often function as de facto extensions of Jen Psaki’s White House press office have continually urged U.S. bishops to dodge the issue of pro-abortion Catholic politicians receiving holy Communion.

Our Mission is to Form Saints and Scholars

In recent days, some have voiced concerns regarding the implementation of social justice activities as part of the Diocesan religion curriculum. While social justice is certainly a buzzword in the secular world today, it is not a new concept to the Church.

A Catholic Gentleman Behind the Plate

As Major League Baseball begins its post-season, let us pause and remember the late, great Bill Freehan of the Detroit Tigers, who died this past August 19: a Catholic gentleman and a great ballplayer.

The Casaroli Myth and The Damage it Causes

When I met Cardinal Agostino Casaroli on February 14, 1997, the architect of the Vatican’s Ostpolitik and its soft-spoken approach to communist regimes in east-central Europe in the 1960s and 1970s could not have been more cordial.

Homilies Should Be a ‘Slap’

Pope Francis scored again on long homilies. In his meeting at St. Martin’s Cathedral of Bratislava, Slovakia, he encouraged bishops and priests to keep homilies short. At this concern, a big round of applause burst from the audience and echoed around the whole cathedral. H

Remembering Msgr. O’Brien: ‘A Voice to Many’

On Aug. 30, Msgr. John (Jack) O’Brien died after a long battle with cancer. Many people may not have known him, but when I was a newly ordained priest, I was sent to him for my first assignment. He was the right kind of pastor for me as a newly ordained, and I learned a great deal from him.

A Bold Catholic Investment In Inner-City Education

It’s a safe bet that “Mother Mary Lange” is not a household name in most U.S. Catholic circles. That unhappy state of affairs may change, though, thanks to a courageous initiative now underway in Baltimore, one of America’s most troubled cities. Who was the Servant of God Mother Mary Lange, O.S.P.?