Local Youth Still Inspired by World Youth Day, a Year After Panama

A year after World Youth Day 2019 in Panama, the impact of the pilgrimage is still being felt by local youth who attended the event. About 200 Catholics from Brooklyn and Queens went to Panama, along with 700,000 young people from around the world looking up to deepen their faith and listen to Pope Francis.

Pope Announces Themes for Upcoming WYD Celebrations

Announcing the themes for the next three World Youth Day celebrations, Pope Francis called on young men and women to meditate on the path of Christian life that God has called them to walk.

Let’s Walk With Our Youth To Help Shape The Future

Balancing the role of pilgrim and reporter at my first World Youth Day in Panama was a challenge met with miles of walking, talking and being present in the moment. For so many of the pilgrims who shared their story with me, they hoped for transformation and change within their own spiritual lives. Living their faith out loud in their daily lives have been met with opposition and judgment at times.

Portugal to Host Next World Youth Day

As was widely expected, Lisbon, Portugal has been selected to host the next World Youth Day, which is slated to take place in July 2022.

Synagogue to Host World Youth Day Pilgrims in Panama

While World Youth Day is known for bringing together young Catholics from around the globe, later this month it will also prove to be an interreligious affair when a local Jewish synagogue in Panama plays host to Catholic pilgrims during what is widely considered to be the Church’s most important event for young people.

Warm City, Warm Hearts: Panama Ready For Youth

“People are opening their homes to house young people. We were surprised by how the people responded to the appeal for housing. We want all the kids to have a place, a space, a home,” Father Aguilar said.