Why Vincentian Values Matter

If Newton’s third law of motion could be applicable to the current status quo of the young Church, then for the misguided, misinformed and spiritually misunderstood teenager out there, an equal and opposite force must be headed for a crash course with that person in the same direction, right? Would that teenager then be equipped with proper guidance, information and an understanding of one’s spiritual and moral compass?

St. John’s Offers HS Students an Early Chance to Lead

Sacrificing one week from their summer plans, 10 high school student leaders, some from the Rockville Centre Diocese, but most from St. John the Baptist parish, Bedford-Stuyvesant, answered the call to be bold when it comes to learning about their faith, courageous when it aligns with their actions and willing to serve the greater Brooklyn and Queens community.

Let Them Speak: Experiencing the Beauty of Life

This served as an impactful reminder to not let your struggles overpower your emotions and life. It showed me to keep the small precious things and moments, like making a new friend, close to your heart.

Teen News Flash

Teen News Flash keeps you up-to-date with upcoming youth events around the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Let Them Speak: Fixing our Focus

Our focus needs to be fixed, it needs to be turned around! Many times in our lives, we invite everything else into our lives but Him, trying to fill a hole that can only be filled by the Lord himself, leaving us unsatisfied, empty and wanting more.