The Catholic Joyce Family

Dear Editor: James Joyce would agree with the June 8th editorial: “The Courage of the Newly Ordained.” In his story “The Sisters,”Joyce reflects, “I wondered how anybody had ever found in himself the courage” to be priest.

Closing St. Joseph HS

Dear Editor: I am saddened by this – I graduated from St. Joseph’s in 1963 (“After 115 Years, St. Joseph HS to Close in 2020,” May 25).

Life Affirming Choices

Dear Editor: Thank you for the coverage (“An Emotional Pro-Life Rally in Albany Rebukes State’s New Abortion Law,” June 8).

Religious Persecution

Dear Editor: I would like to congratulate you on the editorial (“Religious Repression Unabated in China,” June 1).

The Normandy Landing

Dear Editor: As we remember this week the bravery and the ultimate sacrifices that “our boys” made on the Normandy beaches now 75 years ago, there is a definite Catholic “angle” to that story, one about which I don’t think too many Americans are aware.

Distinguished Parishioners

Dear Editor: I was one of the Honorees and it was one of the most exciting and blessed days of my life (“Diocese of Brooklyn Honors Hundreds of “Distinguished Parishioners,” May 4).

Catholic Education

Dear Editor: Thank to Bishop DiMarzio for sharing his reflections (“The ‘Catholic School Difference’,” Put Out Into the Deep, June 8).

Times Are A-changing

Dear Editor: I grew up in this church and with these sisters (“Holy Union Sisters Leave Astoria After 71 Years,” April, 2017). I have many good memories of what the Church was. Sister Jeanne and Sister Bridget have brought my nephews and nieces up. These sisters were here for my mom.

The Memory of Those Days

Dear Editor: I would like to prayerfully congratulate Msgr. John F. Casey on his 65 year Anniversary as a Priest (“Priests Are Marking Their 65th, 60th Anniversaries,” May 25).

A Wonderful Priest

Dear Editor: Father Father W. Blauvelt, or Robert Bob, as we called him at St. Camillus in Rockaway Park was a wonderful and caring priest (“A Faithful Father, A Grateful Son,” Feb. 2018). When I became an EM in 2014 he was the one who inducted me. I think of him often. VIRGINIA KUHN Via […]