Greenpoint Idol

Dear Editor: In the 1940s, our neighbor Margie Greenwood sang on Major Bowes’ Amateur Hour.

Remembering Rusty

Dear Editor: We attended the funeral Mass for Rusty Staub in St. Edward’s Roman Catholic Church in Palm Beach, Fla.

Catholics on the Tube

Dear Editor: It is a given that the cable/satellite channel Fox News presents itself unabashedly as America’s bastion of all that is good and wholesome in government, culture, and social conduct, a beacon of traditional values and moral rectitude.

Beauty of the Organ

Dear Editor: Roseanne Cleary (“Funeral vs Funereal,” April 7) writes: “…heavy, plodding dirges from antiquated church organs that threatened to suck the very air from our souls.” She seems to overlook the fact that the organ is still the official musical instrument of the Church.

Purpose of a Funeral

I take exception to the tone of RoseAnne Cleary’s letter (April 7) concerning the Catholic funeral Mass.

Democrats vs. Catholics

Your article “Cardinal Dolan: Democrats Abandon Catholic Values” (March 31) states that the good Cardinal wrote in the Wall Street Journal that he was saddened Democrats were attacking Catholics and their faith. Why? He must have known the Democratic Party has pushed a culture of death (abortion) that has resulted in the deaths of millions and millions of babies. While every Sunday, Catholic pulpits have been silent!

Senseless Murder

God bless Father Dagoberto Noguera. I will pray for him. We have lost another priest in another senseless violent act, but God has another angel, and at such a price.

First-Grade Teacher

Sister Marymel (Sister Patricia Dolores Wagner, O.P., Obituary, Jan. 6) was my first-grade teacher and I remember her as creative in the classroom and endlessly kind to me as I cried my way through every day of that first school year.

Faith vs. Politics

In response to Robert J. Tillman’s letter (April 7), attempting to defend America’s president as a Christian is rather fruitless. That might explain why many, Cardinal Dolan included, are now specifically and particularly vociferously targeting the Democratic Party as the persecutors of Christian faith.

Remembering Edith Stein

At St. Finbar parish in Bath Beach years back, an Edith Stein Guild director spoke of her extensive writings on the nature of women and their professional role in modern society which have application to today.