CWVs Return to Astoria

Dear Editor: I just saw the two-page City of Churches spread on Immaculate Conception Church in Astoria (March 4). As the N.Y. State Commander of the Catholic War Veterans and the Commander of Astoria Post 1 in the Immaculate Conception parish, I want to thank you for printing that article.

Wide Range of Opinions

Dear Editor: The Readers’ Forum of The Tablet is truly remarkable by its variety of voices and opinions. The Tablet easily wins in this regard when compared to so-called “mainstream media.”

Standards for Entry to US

Dear Editor: When Ellis Island was the entry point of immigrants coming from Europe, my paternal grandfather left Poland and his family for a better life here in America. As he earned sufficient money as a laborer to bring his wife and daughter to our shores, my Aunt Stella was denied entry due to a health […]

The Fallible Media

Dear Editor: In her attack on Trump, a letter from Patricia Kenney (March 11) asks when has the media engaged in dishonest reporting. Forgive me, but this is like asking when has the Atlantic Ocean ever contained moisture.

Msgr. Bennett’s Sensitivity

Dear Editor: I remember the late Msgr. Austin Bennett at the parish of St. Rita’s in Long Island City.

Mystery of Faith on Film

Dear Editor: Though I read with interest the letters of Father Mark Kaczmarski and Clara Sarocco (March 11) criticizing Martin Scorsese’s film “Silence,” I have a completely different reaction and evaluation of the film, which I think is a masterpiece.

False Charges vs. Lifers

Dear Editor: Roseanne Cleary, in her letter (Feb. 18), quotes Sister Joan Chittister about abortion. Sister Chittister’s words are addressing some unnamed person (or group) that is apparently pro-life. Sister said that the one she is addressing is in effect not pro-life because they are not in favor of tax money going to support food, education and housing for children.

Different Interpretations

Dear Editor: In his column: “Putting ‘Amoris Laetita’ into Practice” (Feb. 28), Bishop DiMarzio tells us that Pope Francis’ Post-Synodol Apostolic Exhortation, “Amoris Laetitia” has introduced a new way for divorced Catholics who choose to remarry to receive Holy Communion, even if a Diocesan Marriage Tribunal (the “External Forum”) has found a person’s first marriage to have been valid.

Pray for President Trump

Dear Editor: With all the divisiveness and political antagonism in the country, surely we can all agree on one thing. We should all pray for President Trump, that God will bless him and guide him to make the best decisions and choices for our country.

The Art of Compromise

Dear Editor: The letter “Messianic Complex” (Jan. 28) by Rose Emma, pinpoints exactly what’s ailing the U.S. Catholic Church. Many of our church leaders are quick to jump on the band wagon and wipe the slate for the new president, regardless of the fact that he has made a mockery of basic principles of our Church all because of campaign promises that supposedly will be to its benefit.