Colbert Is Not Cool

Dear Editor: Stephen Colbert recent program was disturbing and disappointing. In my opinion, not only did his disrespectful, tasteless jokes fall flat (on conservative ears, at least), but to have this type of rhetoric spew forth from a Catholic who is so influential, is just base.

An Inspirational Mentor

Dear Editor: Gina Krainchich wrote a wonderful letter about Msgr. Michael Dempsey’s impact as the founder of the Catholic Television Network (CTN).

Techniques of Darkness

Dear Editor: Thomas Groome, a professor of religious education and theology at Boston College, wrote a recent opinion piece in The New York Times (March 27).

Questions Common Cup

Dear Editor: Some readers have recently commented on how they are reluctant to use a handshake to express the Sign of Peace during the Mass because of the possible spread of germs to their hands just prior to receiving Holy Communion, assumedly in the hand. Some others may feel this is a bit extreme, but there does seem to be at least some legitimacy to their concern.

Another Brothers’ Boy

Dear Editor: I remember the De La Salle Christian Brothers from my grammar school days at St. Cecilia’s in Greenpoint.

Franciscans’ Ample Wings

Dear Editor: In 1954, the Grey Nuns, from Queens, told my brother-in-law’s mother that he was headed to the reformatory, so why not send him there. Not willing to give up on her 10-year-old, only child, she found St. Anthony’s in Greenpoint.

Pets Reflect God

Dear Editor: I am responding to Father Robert Lauder’s column (April 29) titled “A Dynamic Love Relationship.” I read with great interest his point of view in the section “All Creatures Resemble God.”

Exodus of Pro-Life Dems

Dear Editor: President Trump spoke eloquently and sincerely about horrific facts of the Holocaust. He made profound statements, some of which should become integral parts of our humanity and conscience. Although he was discussing Nazi attempts to “extinguish human life,” by murdering six million Jews, Trump’s words apply to all genocide and the abortion of millions of American babies since Roe v. Wade. He emphasized that “we must confront the face of evil,” “never shrink from telling the truth,” and should “emphasize dignity of human life.”

Common Sense Approach

Dear Editor: I say “Double Amen!” to Father John Catoir’s Up Front & Personal column (April 29) “Protecting Our Borders Is A Matter of Justice.” Obviously there is a delicate balance between complete mercy and common sense. To all those who quickly criticize our country’s vetting process I have two simple questions. 1 – Do […]

Through Mary’s Eyes

Dear Editor: The focus by guest columnist Marge Fenelon (April 22) on “The Resurrection Through Mary’s Eyes,” makes us realize how much this Jewish mother suffered there beneath the cross.