Excommunicating Cuomo

Dear Editor: Excommunicating Governor Andrew Cuomo is exactly the response he wants from the Catholic Church. By announcing New York State is onboard, he singles himself out as a loyal ultraliberal member of his party and welcomes the attention he is receiving. Moral principles go out the window and are replaced by political ambition and a quest for power. Watch out, Governor.

Spirit of the Law

Dear Editor: In regard to abortion, we have come down to the “letter of the law” versus “the spirit of the law.” None of this should surprise us since we tried to re-define the word “is” during a recent presidency. These days the word for re-defining is “procures.”

Cuomo: Spin and Duplicity

Dear Editor: Gov. Cuomo, like most political hucksters, is a master of spin and duplicity who sadly, believes the vitriol and egocentric slight of hand and “religious hocus-pocus” which he pukes out in defense of murdering born and unborn babies. Shame on him and those who advise him, if anyone can do such a evil task.

Respect and Admiration

Dear Editor: I left the State of New York before Bishop DiMarzio became Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn. But my heart still has a huge place reserved for my county and Church in Brooklyn.

Msgr. Keane: A Good Priest

Dear Editor: He always pointed out the important things in life by telling us, ”Gentleman this is key.” He would encourage us each day by exhorting us with one word that would become his legacy to many of us: “Gentlemen, persevere” (“Msgr. Keane, Teacher and Pastor, Served As Priest For 60 Years,” Feb. 9).

Prayers for Cuomo

Dear Editor: Each church should name Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the Prayer of the Faithful and also name the members of the legislature in their community (“Let Us Not Judge, Let Us Pray For Governor Cuomo,” Feb. 2). However, some of our clergy are so far out Democrats that they will praise him.

Our Last Beachhead

Dear Editor: 150 years from now the population of the United States and, indeed, the world, will look upon the last 46 years of Roe vs. Wade as we look upon the custom of slavery today!

Something Very Unsettling

Dear Editor: There is something very unsettling about the immigrants caravans. The children on them are subjected to unhealthy conditions and are not screened to see if they have proper immunizations. Someone is underwriting the expenses of these caravans.

Like a Bad Fiddle

Dear Editor: From 2016 to 2018 there was a Republican majority in both houses and a Republican president (“Judge Blocks Trump Administration’s Rule on Birth-Control Coverage,” The Tablet, Jan. 19).

Is Being Pro-Life ‘a Crime’?

Dear Editor: Vote no on this bill (“Pro-Lifers: N.Y. Abortion Bill Could One Day Make Being Pro-Life ‘a Crime,’” The Tablet, Jan. 19). Can’t understand why anyone would even consider a bill like this.