Our Catholic Traditions

Dear Editor: National correspondent Christopher White reports (Sept. 9) on San Domenico, California’s first Catholic school, electing to remove traditional Catholic statues from its campus as a sign of “Articulating an inclusive foundation…”.

More Informed Readers

Dear Editor: The contributors of Readers Forum (Sept. 16) D. Podesta, P. Murphy, J. Chen, E. Moffitt, D. DeSiena and R.Tillman show that Catholics may be getting better informed. It was exhilarating to see such solidarity in thought. Hope prevails!

Selective Criticism

Dear Editor: Re “While in Colombia, Pope Has Venezuela on Mind” (Sept. 13).

Fond Memory of Sister

Dear Editor: It is with regret that I never contacted recently deceased Sister Doris or Sister Mary Emily as an adult. I write this with respect for a dedicated nun who taught me in the eighth grade at Our Lady of the Cenacle School, Richmond Hill.

The Faith of the Irish

Dear Editor: Reflecting on The Great Irish Fair, we remember that terrible period in the past when the Catholic faith was outlawed in Ireland. For 300 years, there was persecution, subjugation and enforced poverty. Irish churches were closed and burnt to the ground. Mass was outlawed and priests were fugitives, hunted down, tortured and killed. The Irish people suffered greatly for their faith.

Planned Parenthood’s Racism

Dear Editor: Will the bishop’s new commission on racism take on the legacy of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger?

Reality of the Absolute

Dear Editor: Congratulations to Father Lauder on his recent column, “Temptation to Relativism.”

Coverage of Vital Issues

Dear Editor: This evening, I read two issues of The Tablet.

The Sept. 2nd issue: “US Bishops Address ‘Sin of Racism’”; “Diocese Establishes New Commission on Racism”; Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio’s weekly column, “Combatting the Sin of Racism” (Some may complain, “Too little, too late,” but I applaud the effort and wish that other archdioceses and dioceses would follow suit with such prominent placement and prioritization of resources).

Film Had Wrong Message

Dear Editor: On Sept. 8 at Father Robert Lauder’s Friday Film Festival, I viewed for the first time the movie “Silence,” directed by Martin Scorsese and based on the novel of the same name by Shisaku Endo. By reputation, this was a film masterpiece, and so it proved to be.

The Catholic Presence?

Dear Editor: I was appalled to read the article on the back cover (Does Church Have an Ear in the White House?, Sept. 2) mentioning the departure of Stephen Bannon, as, “..the loss of the most visible Catholic in the White House.”