Sorry, He’s Not a Msgr.

Dear Editor: When a recent Tablet came in the mail, there was a list of new assignments for our priests. Father Peter Purpura was listed with a monsignor’s title. Has he been made a monsignor?

Father Lauder’s New Book

Dear Editor: For those of us who look forward to and enjoy Father Robert Lauder’s column in The Tablet each week, there is now a wonderful opportunity to explore his thinking on Pope Francis.

Thanks for Including Us

Thank you for your excellent coverage of the Mass of Inclusion for People with Disabilities and the Deaf that was celebrated at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica on Sunday, June 4.

Good Luck, Father Smith

Dear Editor: Our outgoing priest, Father William G. Smith became our parish priest when St. Pascal Baylon (SPB) and St. Catherine of Sienna (SCS) parishes were merged in 2008.

Misjudging the President

Dear Editor: Paul Markowski (June 17) seems to assume a privilege to repeat demagogic characterizations of President Trump simply because these are popularly taken for granted.

Media Assassination

Dear Editor: When is the media going to come clean and realize that they are part of a horror?


Dear Editor: Permit to make two corrections to the caption that recently accompanied a picture of me in The Tablet. I have never achieved a doctorate degree so to refer to me as “Dr.” was incorrect, though I appreciate the designation.

Well Done, Father Willy!

Dear Editor: There is an adage that says that a priest’s first parish is his first love. I witnessed confirmation of this saying recently at Father Willy Kingsley Ndi’s First Mass at Brooklyn’s historic Our Lady of Victory Church, now part of St. Martin de Porres parish.

Congrats, Father Szymon!

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to newly-ordained, Father Szymon! St. Anselm has been lucky to have him serving there as deacon!

Coping with Child’s Death

Dear Editor: I didn’t want the Easter season to end without commenting on Carol Powell’s reflection (May 13) on the death of her granddaughter. She wrote of the human pain (which I too have experienced) of not being able to hold her granddaughter or watch her grow and participate in her life.