Great Gift of Chastity

Dear Editor: Thank you, Father David Bertolotti, for that wonderful letter (Oct. 14) explaining the Courage Apostolate that serves people with same-sex attraction.

Views on Taking a Knee

Dear Editor: I think NFL players should be required to stand during the national anthem. It is very disrespectful for them to kneel or sit down. They can protest on their own time outside the stadium or stay off the field until the game begins.

The Cathedral Faculty

Dear Editor: In the 1960s, several simple parish priests were tasked to join other priests in teaching minor seminarians at Cathedral Prep/College of the Immaculate Conception located on the corner of Atlantic and Washington Aves. in Brooklyn.

Father Martin’s Welcome

Dear Editor: I am responding to a recent letter about Jesuit priest Father James Martin. I recently attended a lecture given by Father Martin in a Catholic church. Following the talk, I met him at a book signing and was able, as a heterosexual human being, to spend a few minutes discussing church matters with him.

Pro-Choice Is Pro-Abortion

Dear Editor: Letter writer Tom Morano (Oct. 7) has some good points as to why he supports certain persons for public office. These are issues that should have universal concern. But what he misses in his opinion is that abortion is the killing of a human baby.

The Church Has Courage

Dear Editor: With all of the controversy surrounding Father James Martin, S.J., people are getting the impression that the Catholic Church is doing nothing for those experiencing same-sex attraction.

Stand Up for the Anthem

Dear Editor: With all due respect to Father Kingsley (Oct. 7), I can’t help but wonder it those who “took a knee” are actively involved in the inner cities in which they live. Are they helping the youth of those neighborhoods rise above the environment and mindset that nurtures the violent behavior that is so prevalent?

Fears for Grandchildren

Dear Editor: Our soldiers fought many wars to protect Democracy and to fight Communism: cold wars, hot wars, ‘police actions.’ Lives were lost by the millions.

Disagreeing With Weigel

Dear Editor: George Weigel’s statement (Sept. 30) that “The Catholic left is nostalgic for the days when Catholic Lite ruled the roost” implies that anything other than what Weigel believes is either “wooly” (his term) or, worse, heretical. This begs a question: When exactly did such heresy actually “rule,” only now to be displaced by right-thinking Weigelites?

Real Meaning of Columbus

Dear Editor: I was disappointed that no one voiced outrage for the graffiti-laden message mounted on the Columbus statue in Astoria. That statue was actually hidden during World War II in some basement out of fear it would be melted for bullets in the war.