Letters to the Editor, Week of Jan. 30, 2021

The Entrenchment of “Opinion Journalism”; This Country Remains Bitterly Divided; The Election Results Have Been Verified and Certified; No Evidence of Widespread Fraud of any Kind; The Future Will Be Better Than the Past; Our Newly Elected President Joseph Biden; Moving Humanity Closer to the Kingdom of God.

Letters to the Editor, Week of Jan. 23, 2021

Biden Is Trying to Make Abortion a Non-issue; Once Again, Mrs. Ray’s Class Helps the Bright Christmas Campaign; Another Date That Will Live in Infamy; Role of Catholic Church in Biden Presidency; It Is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive; Prayer, Patriotism And Goodwill; Memories of a Road Trip Listening to Charley Pride.

Letters to the Editor, Week of Jan. 16, 2021

A Bright Christmas at Hour Children; If you Could Pick a Time To Be Born In; We Should Protect People With Intellectual Disabilities; No Confidence in This Presidential Election; Our Lady of Grace Parishioner Will Be Missed; New Year’s Resolutions Suggestions; John McAlinden, a Great Artist and a Good Christian.

Letters to the Editor, Week of Dec. 26, 2020

Who Believes in Santa Anymore?; The Martyrdom of Four Women Doing God’s Work; We Need to Be More Like My Neighbor Henry Herte; The Love and Kindness Shown by the Readers of The Tablet; Donald Trump Has Kept His Promises.

Letters to the Editor, Week of Dec. 19, 2020

Helping Mothers and Babies in Need; It Is Important That we Never Forget Them; Reflecting on Christmas Past and Present; The Census is Not a Catholic Tool; Moving Closer to a Dictatorship.

Letters to the Editor, Week of Dec. 12, 2020

I’m Asking Gov. Cuomo to Use Common Sense; Sister Ave’s Book on how to Survive the Pandemic; The Accusations That Trump Is Being Undemocratic Are a Farce; The 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt not Judge.

Letters to the Editor, Week of Dec. 5, 2020

Kudos to the Supreme Court of the United States; The Reason Life Is so Devalued Today; Racism and Slavery Are The World’s Original Sin; Best Wishes for Two of Our New Cardinals; For Many of us This Is a Matter of Great Concern; The Strongest Remedy to Ending the Pandemic.

Letters to the Editor, Week of Nov. 28, 2020

Memories of Father Edward J. Giorgio; The Most Troubling Thanksgiving Day; Words Needed for Those Of us who are Grieving; Understanding the Church’s Teaching on Conscience; It’s Going to Take More Than a Working Group.

Letters to the Editor, Week of Nov. 21, 2020

Msgr. Quinn Had a Deep Love for Those he Served; The Passing of Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek; The Magnitude of This Crime Is Hard to Imagine; They Are All Human Beings.

Letters to the Editor, Week of Nov. 14, 2020

God’s Country — Let The Music Play!; One of the Greatest Tragedies in America; A Lack of Understanding of Intrinsic Evil; Visiting Saint Charbel’s Shrine, an Absolute joy; A Good Experience on a Rainy Sunday; Gov. Andrew Cuomo and The COVID-19 Pandemic; No Room at the Political Table; We Are Headed for Difficult Times.