Pro-Abortion and Pro-Infanticide Candidates

Dear Editor: This article is disgraceful (“Catholic Iowa Democrats Weigh Choices,” Jan. 25). Your front page really shows why the Catholic Church in this country is on a decline — the church can’t even support a president that is fighting for them every day!

Perfect Is the Enemy Of Good

Dear Editor: Our President has been called many things in his three years in office, but my adjective of choice is “frustrating.” He seems to be, morally, on both sides of what is right and proper.

Who Is Anti-Abortion and Who Is Pro-Life

Dear Editor: I am struck by the contrast between the front page article on President Trump’s address to the March for Life and the column by Edith Avila Olea (“What Is the Value Of Life,” Feb. 1).

You Can’t Be Pro-Life and Democrat Anymore

Dear Editor: The article written by Edith Avila Olea (“What Is the Value Of Life,” Feb. 1) was well written, and she states all the worries about the cost of pre-natal care, giving birth, the lack of paid parental leave, the cost of child care and that life isn’t a simple act of birth — it costs money.

Two Full Pages of Anti-Trump Rhetoric

Dear Editor: Very disturbing to see the headlines on the front page of The Tablet that Iowa Democrats are so united in defeating the only true pro-life president. 

Trump Is No Champion of The Right to Life

Dear Editor: We are writing to you to express our profound disappointment that you would put a picture of President Trump on the front page of our Catholic newspaper (The Tablet, Feb. 1).

Mr. White’s Iowa Article Is Biased

Dear Editor: A number of people asked me about Mr. White’s article about the Iowa caucuses about to begin. I indicated that I had not read it and curiosity edged me to read the article. I read the Tablet every week.