About the Tablet

In print since 1908, The Tablet is the award-winning newspaper of the Roman Catholic Diocese in Brooklyn and Queens. Published weekly, the paper covers local, national, international news and opinion from the Catholic perspective. The Tablet’s Spanish-language sister newspaper is Nuestra Voz. Your subscription to The Tablet ensures that Catholic journalism will thrive well into the future. For just a few cents per week, you will have The Tablet delivered to your mailbox.

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Editorial Contact Information

The Tablet
1712 10th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Story ideas: newstips@desalesmedia.org
General inquiries: thetablet@desalesmedia.org
Assignment Desk: 718-517-3122
Main Number: 718-375-7966

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The Tablet
P.O. Box 1042
Williamsport PA 17703
Phone: 877-883-8356

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Jorge Dominguez, Editor-In-Chief
718-499-9705 ext. 318

Joaquin Badajoz, Deputy Editor

Michelle Powers, Assignment Desk Manager

Dustin Etheridge, Manager of Digital Content Production

Eileen Leeds, Designer/Production Manager

Melissa Enaje, Reporter/Youth Page Editor

Steven Ettinger, Production Assistant

Wandy Felicita Ortiz, Digital Writer/Producer

Valerie Paul, Newsroom Coordinator

Ed Wilkinson, Editor Emeritus