Obituaries, Week of Jan.30, 2021

Father Agnelo Casimiro Pinto, S.M.W.; Frank J. Coppa; Sister Sally Ryan, R.S.M.; Sister Maureen Regan, S.C.; Sister Joan Marie Schmidt, C.S.J.; Sister Jeanne Stegmann, S.U.S.C.

Obituaries, Week of Dec. 26, 2020

Sister Lucy Mary Blyskal, C.S.J.; Sister Claire Veronica Kobe, C.S.J.; Sister Dolores Jean McLaughlin, C.S.J.; Sister Elaine Margaret Roulet, C.S.J.; Sister Florence Symes, C.S.J.; Sister Patricia Maris Tully, C.S.J.

Obituaries, Week of Dec. 19, 2020

Father Patrick J. Diffley; Sister Helen Geagan, C.S.J.; Sister Matthew Mary Gay, C.S.J.; Sister Margaret Raibaldi, C.S.J.; Sister Lucy Hobbs, C.S.J.

Obituaries, Week of Dec. 12, 2020

Sister Patricia Berliner, C.S.J.; Sister Janice Heisey, I.H.M.; Sister Lorraine Mahoney, O.P.; Sister Rosario Maria Morales-Urrutia, C.S.J.; Sister Joan Ann Rogers, C.S.J.; Sister Florence Therese Sarsfield, C.S.J.,; Sister Lorna Rita Strachan, C.S.J.; Mrs. Eleanor Zimmermann.

Mexico’s ‘Bishop of the Poor’ Dies of COVID-19 Complications

Retired Bishop Arturo Lona Reyes of Tehuantepec — known as “bishop of the poor” and famed for promoting an indigenous church — died Oct. 31. He was one day shy of his 95th birthday and had tested positive for COVID-19 earlier in October.