How WYD Group Leaders Saved the Final Catechesis

World Youth Day pilgrims from Brooklyn and Queens are back in the diocese, having returned to the responsibilities of school and work, family life and social circles. As they go about their lives, one of the memories they carry with them is of a hot and humid morning during the final day of catechesis when the perfect storm occurred.

WYD Brings Affirmation, Joy, Graces to Diocesan Youth

As Brooklyn and Queens pilgrims arrived at the final and perhaps, most important days of their World Youth Day pilgrimage, they also reached the longest leg of their journey – walking at least seven miles for the evening prayer vigil with Pope Francis.

Pope to WYD Pilgrims: Jesus Is No ‘Passing Fad’

Speaking to over half a million young people from around the world on Sunday, Pope Francis said Jesus is not “an interval in life nor a passing fad,” but a loving God who’s concrete and close.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio - Put Out Into the Deep

A Life-Changing Event for Young People

Having just returned from World Youth Day in Panama gives me a chance to tell you about this life-changing event for many young people from around the world. These events are held every two to three years. I, myself, have participated in every World Youth Day since the Year 2000. During these events, one can see that the youth come to a deeper appreciation of their faith, not only encountering the Holy Father but also fellow young Catholics from all over the world.