Searching for a Loving God

by Msgr. Joseph P. Calise One of the kindest priests I ever had the good fortune to work with was Msgr. Jim Cooney. He was a humble man who was well-known for his unique sense of humor. I first met him while I was making Christian Awakening #92 (a high school version of the Cursillo) […]

Costs of Discipleship

by Msgr. Joseph P. Calise recting a Matt Talbot retreat for men at the Cormaria Retreat House in Sag Harbor, L.I. The retreat is for men recovering from alcoholism and trying to live according to the spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps. These steps, which serve as guideposts to recovery from addiction, are based indirectly […]

Defining the Virtue of Humility

by Msgr. Joseph P. Caliseng or banquet that involved assigned seating understands the dynamic at work in today’s Gospel. As invited guests, we all know that we are welcome. The seating arrangement, however, puts that welcome into a different perspective. The presumption, of course, is that the closer one sits to the guest of honor, the more important his or her presence is.

A Lesson About Discipline

by Father Patrick LongalongAside from prayer, I often turn to play the piano to let out stress and frustration and clear my mind so I can see the issue objectively. My hands will just go up and down the keys effortlessly and subconsciously while releasing the tension out of my heart and mind. After a few minutes, I can think of the issue at hand and figure out ways to solve the problem that would be best for everyone involved.

Suffering as Part of Faith

by Father Patrick LongalongWhen I was at my first parish assignment as a priest, I became friends with many families, especially at the parish’s academy. One child of Indian descent deeply expressed to his mother about his desire to be a Catholic. She gave it much reflection and thought, which led to her decision to also become a Catholic along with her son on Easter Vigil.

Being Faithful During Times of Trial

by Father Patrick LongalongOnce in a while, we are reminded that our life is heavily conditioned by expectations. Parents expect their children to apply themselves and study properly. We expect our friends to support us unconditionally.

The True Danger With Wealth

by Father Patrick Longalong“For what profit comes to man from all the toil and anxiety of heart with which he has labored under the sun?”

The Value of Persistence in Prayer

by Msgr. Joseph P. Calise Several years ago, I was asked to visit a parishioner on one of the upper floors at Memorial Sloane Kettering Hospital. It was clear that he was near the end of his life, and so I certainly wanted to seize the opportunity to spend some time with him and his family.

Choosing Between Good and Better

As part of a “Sunday Scriptures” reflection a few weeks ago, I referenced the book “The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity” by Matthew Kelly. I wrote, “The book challenges us to ask ourselves four questions: Who am I? What am I here for? What matters most? What matters least?” That understanding of what is important, what matters, certainly has a central role in this Sunday’s Gospel.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Wikipedia describes Fred Rogers as “an American television personality, musician, puppeteer, writer, producer, and Presbyterian minister.” It goes on to explain that his dissatisfaction with the way television addressed young children led him to create the TV show, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”