St. Paul’s Holy Levity United the Corinthians

I hope I won’t be judged irreverent by suggesting that if Saint Paul hadn’t succeeded as an apostle — which he most surely did — he might have made it as a comedian. Seriously!

How We Can Recognize Jesus In His Baptism

One of my favorite assignments in a course I often teach invites students to “describe, from your perspective, your image of God, what you picture or imagine (with or without a visual image) when you consider ‘God’.”

Does It Matter Who Authored the Epistle?

In the epistle, the second reading of todays’ Mass, we hear from the Letter to the Hebrews. It is always amusing to hear lectors at Mass state: “A Reading from the Letter of Saint Paul to the Hebrews,” and I must admit that I have at private Masses when I have no readers and I have to proclaim the epistle myself, I also have slipped into this!

We Should View History Through Lens of Kairos

In the Gospel we proclaim this day with which the Lord has blessed us, we see the true beauty of the work of the Evangelist whose telling of the Good News we have this liturgical year — St. Luke. Look at all the details he gives us in the Gospel today, all meant to situate the reader in the time period.

It’s Time to Begin the Season of Advent

The imagery in today’s Gospel from Saint Luke should sound a bit familiar. Saint Mark’s version of the same discourse was the Gospel two Sunday’s ago. Although there are some differences, the basic message is the same: Stay alert, Christ is coming again at a time that we cannot predict.

Christ the King

Our acclamation of Christ as King today demands its implicit awareness that we are, by that very proclamation, servants, called to obedience.