The Impatience of Job And the Power of God

Translation matters. If you doubt that, consider this! In the King James Version of the Bible (dating to 1611), here’s how the Letter of James invites us to consider the human protagonist of Sunday’s first reading: “Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and
have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy” (Jas 5:11).

The Eucharistic Pilgrimage Is Tied to the Early Church

“Who are these people and what in the world are they doing?”

That’s what plenty of curious people must have been asking last Sunday as the people of our diocese met the Eucharistic procession mid-span on the Brooklyn Bridge and continued the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Route of the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage through the streets of Brooklyn.

The Trinity Exemplifies Perfect Unity and Love

As we come together on this solemn feast of the Most Holy Trinity, we celebrate the profound mystery of one God in three Persons — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This day holds a special significance for all of us, inviting us to meditate on the unity and love that binds the Trinity and every one of us in a divine family.

Embrace Our Roles in the Church With Conviction

In the course of our lives, we encounter various experiences that shape our understanding and outlook. Among these experiences are moments of both joy and sorrow, including the solemn occasion of attending funerals, which serve as stark reminders of life’s impermanence.

Our True Power Lies in Our Interdependence

Reflecting on the readings for this weekend’s Mass brings to mind a strong memory from my past, a moment of profound revelation about the power of community and the boundless strength found in unity.

Fear, as Reverential Awe, Places Us Closer to Jesus

The English language can be very complicated for foreigners who are trying to learn it. We have words that sound alike but mean different things (to, two, and too) and other words that are spelled similarly but pronounced differently (enough and through). There are even times when one word can mean very different things depending upon their usage.

God Knows We Are Not Perfect, And He Loves Us

In 2015, Sony Films released “War Room,” which became the seventh highest grossing Christian film despite very mixed reviews. The film centers around the Jordan family, a seemingly “happy” family.