Catholic Charities Is Doing the Gospel’s Work

Our love for each other therefore is not only when it is convenient. There are times when we have to go that extra mile to meet people where they are because they could not get there on their own.

Peter Becomes the Leader Of the ‘Fishers of Men’

We are now entering the third week of the Easter season. The readings at daily Mass reflect how the disciples of Jesus are processing the meaning as well as the implications of our Lord’s resurrection.

Belief in the Resurrection Comes From Our Hearts

No one can prove the Resurrection for us.  There is no adequate scientific explanation.  Yet all we need to make the leap of faith surrounds us — if we are simply willing to listen with our hearts.

The Highest Law Is The Salvation of Souls

There is no doubt that at the heart of the religious experience is salvation:  God’s hope that all be saved coupled with man’s need to live in a way that claims the prize already won. 

Casting the First Stone Cancels Second Chances

Sometimes God works in comforting ways.  While I was Rector-Principal at Cathedral Prep the administration often had to face the dilemma of students needing to be removed for academic reasons.

The Return of the Prodigal Son Returns

Once again, we come to the most famous of all of the parables of Our Lord in Saint Luke’s Gospel, that of the Prodigal Son. No less than Charles Dickens declared this as the greatest short story ever written.

‘To Repent and Believe In the Gospel’

The Gospel we proclaim this Sunday offers a simple message, a message that is at both the heart of the liturgical season of Lent and, perhaps even more importantly, the basics of the Gospel: “REPENT!”