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Youth Views: How do your morals shape your life?

Amaya Okogeri, senior, St. Francis Prep H.S

My morals shaped my life by guiding what I do and say. I act in a way that would not only benefit me, but others too.



Becir Hot, freshman St. Francis Prep H.S

Morals have guided me through life. They have taught me how to act and treat others.




Orlando Santiago, senior St. Francis Prep H.S

My morals have definitely helped me form a group of close friends who I know are good people. They’ve helped guide me to success throughout my high school career.



Oisin Corbett, junior St. Francis Prep H.S

Morals make my life harder because too often the easy thing to do is immoral, but I know I lead a better life because of my morals.




Jacob Campbell, junior St. Francis Prep H.S

Morals have shaped my life because they help guide me in the important decisions I have been making and also helped me realize the good character traits to bring into adulthood.



Sierra Santiago, freshman St. Francis Prep H.S

My main moral is to treat others how I would want to be treated, so I try to make sure I am always following that value. No one is inferior!




Renee Grasso, senior, St. Francis Prep H.S.

My morals shape my life by guiding me in decision-making and by giving me a firm sense of right and wrong. After any interaction or experience that I have, I reflect on the things that I said and did, and whether I showed the best version of myself.