Let Them Speak: Dear Youth: Take Action

If I could take away one thing from working with LOVE, HALLIE Foundation, it would be this: Young people truly have the capacity to get meaningfully involved in any cause they choose if they are provided the tools and resources to do so.

Let Them Speak:Who Are the “Least of These?”

When thinking about the question, “Who are the Least of These?” I reflect on the struggles of many people without a home, without a safe haven and without a place to call their own. Who in our societyreally are the least of these?

St. John’s Prep Alumna Visits School, Offers Career Advice

Teen News Flash keeps you up-to-date with youth events around the Diocese of Brooklyn. In this special edition, Dr. Brianna Gaines recently stopped by her alma mater, St. John’s Prep H.S., Astoria, and shared her reasons for choosing to pursue veterinary medicine.