Family Values Shape the Life of Colleen Queen

For the young women who accept the honor of becoming one of the Great Irish Fair’s Colleen Queens, they also accept the responsibility of becoming an ambassador for Catholic schools. For the 2018 Colleen Queen Mackenzie Iburg – she embraced that responsibility with open arms.

Witnessing a New Era for the Church in America

If two of the youngest Hispanic delegates representing the ‘Diocese of Immigrants’ at V Encuentro are a reflection of the pulse of the Church’s future, here’s what one might discover: whether they were born here or not, their identity as missionaries within the universal Catholic Church is as obvious as whether or not they want to attend either English Mass or Spanish Mass on any given Sunday.

Woodside Parish Hosts Town Hall Meeting on Abuse

Coming together as a community and addressing the Church’s failings, while also acknowledging the bishop’s sustained efforts at tackling the issue, was the focus at a parish town hall meeting held at the Woodside parish, Sept. 6.

Bengali-Speaking Catholics Honor St. Teresa of Calcutta

The yearly feast of St. Teresa of Calcutta on Sept. 5 is catching up among the faithful in the U.S. Church. In many churches throughout the Brooklyn Diocese and neighboring dioceses, statues of the saint are put up to promote devotion to this ‘saint of the gutters.’

St. Rocco Feast in Floral Park Unites Devotees For Nine Days

Only faith itself can be the foundation for the unwavering love and devotion a person can possibly have for someone he or she has never met or will ever meet in this lifetime. From a logical standpoint, it might not make any sense. That is – unless the love described is actually agape, or the Greek word for sacrificial love, not romantic love, between saints and their special devotees.

Paying Down Debts Before Saying ‘Yes’

“Yes, there is a vocation crisis, but we have to realize student loans are a substantial inhibitor to our vocations and the people wanting to give their lives,” said Norvilia Etienne, a pre-med student in her final year of study at Queens College.