Bishop Leads Faithful in Praying for Vocations

During his homily for the Eucharistic Holy Hour and Vespers for Vocations at the Cathedral Basilica of St. James, Oct. 8, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio told congregants that the responsibility to pray for future leaders in the Church lands on the shoulders of the faithful.

Local Mexicans Pray for Quake Victims at Home

During a Friday evening Spanish Mass dedicated to praying for those affected by two major earthquakes in Mexico, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio recalled an ancient paradox that juxtaposed the source of evil, natural religion and natural disasters.

Youth Views: What do you pray for?

The Tablet asks students from around the Diocese of Brooklyn a question for the opinion section of the Youth page.

Local Colombians Celebrate Papal Visit to the Homeland

When Pope Francis addressed the Colombian people during a prayer meeting in Villavicencio, he told them that with the help of Christ alive in the midst of the community, it is possible to conquer hatred and death. He told them it was possible to begin again and usher in a new Colombia, despite more than 50 years of civil war.

Champion Step Dancer Reigns as Colleen Queen

A champion Irish step dancer, Caitlin Therese Ward is no stranger to the Great Irish Fair. Since she was a young girl, her family attended the annual event and even designated it as a time for reunions.

Queens Rectory Hosts Papal Trip Viewing Party

Through a television screen setup in the rectory of St. Mary Gate of Heaven in Ozone Park, Colombian parishioners witnessed the second day of their beloved home country welcoming Pope Francis with open arms, setting the stage for talks on reconciliation and peace during his visit to Villavicencio, Sept. 8.