The Price of Immigration

Dear Editor: Michael Bobrow’s letter in the Oct. 27 Tablet (Traditional Pro-Life Judaism) and in the Nov. 3 issue, The Editor’s Space, As the Tablet Sees It and the letters from Deacon Arthur Griffin (The Crime of Abortion) and Tom Hackert (Politics and Due Process), when read together, provide an interesting commentary on the Catholic Church and how it views (or, more importantly, how it should view) certain critical issues.

Birthright Citizenship

Dear Editor: Hooray for President Trump for reading all the words in the 14th Amendment (President Trump Plans to End Birthright Citizenship, The Tablet, Nov. 3).

The Church Doctrine

Dear Editor: What the Church needs to do is be less concerned with everyone’s feelings and more concerned with upholding and teaching Church doctrine, being faithful to the magisterium of the Catholic Church. Most people are poorly catechized and have no understanding of what the Church teaches or why the Church teaches what it does. Priests like Father Martin only cause further confusion.

No Place Like Home

Dear Editor: Jerry Maren, who portrayed the Lollipop kid in the 1939 classic “The Wizard of Oz,” was the last surviving Munchkin of the 125 little people who were in the film.

Politics and Due Process

Dear Editor: Now that judge Kavanaugh has been confirmed, the opposition is hoping to win the House in November so they can begin proceedings to impeach him.

The Crime of Abortion

Dear Editor: America was founded with the protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These rights protected by our Constitution have been called inalienable, i.e. they cannot be taken away. In my service in the Catholic Church, I hear “For the right to life from conception to natural death, we pray to the Lord.”

Bishop Caggiano

Dear Editor: He’s my bishop now (“Bishop Caggiano: Accountability Key For Bishops’ Summit,” The Tablet, Oct. 27) and I’m thankful for that, for his support of our Traditional Latin Mass community in Norwalk. I have a feeling, however, that he’s destined for a much bigger stage than Bridgeport, Conn.

Bring Back the Latin Mass

Dear Editor: When the Mass was in Latin I loved it because everyone in our community was there. We were all so close. At attendance were Irish, Italian, Philippine, Polish, Spanish and many more. It was great when we got together to fundraise for the church. I learned so much their traditions, foods and beliefs. We never left Mass without stopping to chat.

The Synagogue Massacre

Dear Editor: When I heard about the mass shootings in the Tree of Life Synagogue in the city of Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood on Saturday, October 27, 2018, my first reaction was to pray to God for mercy on their souls and to pray to Our Lady of Sorrows for her loving grace and consolation for all the families affected by this violence.

A Sovereign Ukraine?

Dear Editor: Ordinary Catholics do not naturally want Ukraine to be sovereign (“Catholics Cautiously Watch As Orthodox Christians Split,” The Tablet, Oct 13). We do not take sides on this issue.