Gov’s Misguided Stance

Dear Editor: Is it not amazing that Governor Andrew Cuomo gives his most energetic endorsement to a law that legalizes the killing of an unborn child in the womb.

Stand for the Anthem

Why are many pro football players choosing to kneel rather than stand during the playing of our National Anthem? If they want to protest our country’s policies, there are certainly other peaceful ways to do so, of which they have every right but never should they not show respect for our National Anthem.

Repentance Is Needed

The Tablet regularly updates us on Church abuse scandals and it appears there’s no end to these. The scandals afflict the faithful and victims with wounds, trauma, frustration and disgust.

Patriotism Is Acceptable

In her letter, printed in The Tablet, July 21, Geraldine Gazzara questions whether “patriotic is acceptable anymore.” Of course it is.

Belief in Moral Absolutes

I thought that what Pope John Paul II taught on capital punishment was most Christian in its explanation and application.

Grappling with Human Dignity

Being a young person of faith is no easy feat in modern political society. Many facets of government are devoid of morality and rife with corruption. Transitioning from teen years to young adulthood, I’ve seen myself and many friends become increasingly politically minded, many of us voting for president in 2016 for the first time.

Push for Abortion ‘Rights’

When the Roe v. Wade Decision (1973) of the U.S Supreme Court legalized abortion throughout the United States, New York lost its position of being the abortion capitol of the U.S.

The Sin of Progressivism

Stephen Lieber accuses me of “Name Calling Harms Dialog” (Readers’ Forum, Aug. 4) for merely associating the word liberal the way most self-identified liberals proudly use it, yet he sees nothing wrong with applying insulting labels of moral limitations on conservatives based on how hate-filled liberals, not conservatives, describe conservatism.

Try to Be a Little Kinder

The letter in the Readers’ Forum in last week’s issue of The Tablet from Stephen Lieber (“Name Calling Harms Dialog”) put into words my exact feelings about the need for respect for others’ sincere thoughts. Without respect we cannot have the “ongoing discussion,” a profitable, real forum, that the editor’s note says The Tablet is striving for.

Catholicism in Germany

George Weigel wrote recently (“Craving Approval Is Not Evangelizing,” June 6) that Cardinal Marx (president of the German Bishops’ Conference and an adviser of Pope Francis) fails to note that Bishop Ketteler was a German pioneer of the Catholic social teaching that the cardinal advocates.