Abortion During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Governor Andrew Cuomo shut down the whole state of New York. The place looks like a modern-day ghost town. Every business I saw was either closed or boarded up.

In Response to Dale A. Pivarunas’ Letter

Dear Editor:  Many thanks to The Tablet for proclaiming to be “The Pro-Life Newspaper.” I realize that you allow different views each week to be published in the Readers’ Forum. After reading Dale Anthony Pivarunas’ letter on April 11 (“Is Bernie Sanders’s Form Of Socialism Christian?”), I felt I had to respond because he presented a long argument for Bernie Sanders’ form of Socialism and how it can be examined as being very Christian.

President Trump and Governor Cuomo

Dear Editor: My advice for President Trump is to advise Governor Cuomo that if he wants to open up the economy and have business as usual in New York before he is advised by the president’s advisory group and the death rate rise again the blood will be on his hands.

Universal Basic Income and COVID-19

Dear Editor: On Easter Sunday, The Pope called for a Universal Basic Income or UBI (his declaration was in Spanish as “salario universal”).

Congratulations, Msgr. Casper Furnari!

Dear Editor: I just want to express my happiness about Msgr. Casper Furnari being among the priests of our diocese that were named monsignor, (“Nine Priests From the Diocese of Brooklyn Are Named Monsignors,“ March 7).

A Renewed Sense of Spirituality

Dear Editor: It has just come to my attention the message “Be Not Afraid,” by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. I would like
to applaud Cardinal Dolan for his words that did generate a calming effect on our spirits during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank You, Nurses, Police Officers, Priests, Cashiers

Dear Editor: The artist Scott LoBaido created a beautiful gesture erecting large white letters of thanks for the healthcare workers on the front lines (“Healthcare Workers Get Big ‘Thank You,’” April, 11).

The Question Many Are Asking: Where Is God?

Dear Editor: Lately, several friends and neighbors, who normally would be considered God-fearing, strong Christians and/or Catholics, are asking a painful and soul-searing question, “Why?”

Monsignor John Gildea, a Devoted Soul

Dear Editor: I remember Father Gildea as a young priest at St. Matthew’s in Brooklyn (“Nine Priests From the Diocese of Brooklyn Are Named Monsignors,” March 7).