Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of April 13, 2024

Regarding Squatters Rights 

Dear Editor: It seems it never ends. The utter disregard for the rights of law-abiding citizens in our city and state. 

The latest fiasco is a New York City law allowing squatter’s rights to property after that person or persons illegally and fraudulently, has lived there for 30 days. 

And the same law makes it legally dangerous for the true owner to change the locks, shut off power and water or throw the squatters’ stuff out. 

There is even information on TikTok explaining how illegal immigrants can take advantage of the law to score free houses. 

The answer to this madness is to make squatting illegal, period. 

And we can make it happen, by contacting our representatives in the city council and state assembly and state senator and making our outrage known. 

Speak up New Yorkers, be vigilant, be involved and make a difference! 

Thomas and Constance Dowd 

Oakland Gardens

Devout Catholic 

Dear Editor: Describing President Joe Biden as a devout Catholic in the media is an insult to the Catholic faith. 

Joe Biden supports abortion on demand, at any time in a pregnancy. He has the back of the transgender community, and everyone else is considered second-class citizens. 

He is in favor of gender mutilation and hormone therapy without consent of a parent. He favors terrorists over our ally Israel and condemned Israel for the unfortunate attack on an aid convoy. He makes excuses for the terrorists and demands compliance from Israel. 

The list of insults grows every time he speaks. On the occasion of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, he fails to mention that sacred event, but celebrated Transgender Visibility Day instead. 

How can anyone support this man and what he stands for? 

He has undermined the family structure, and ignored God at every turn. Be careful who you vote for. 

Lawrence Iancucki 


Editor’s note: The date of the Transgender Visibility Day has been March 31 since 2009. This year it fell on Easter Sunday for the first time. 

Young Sheldon Episode 

Dear Editor: I’m sure many of us have watched or heard of the show “Young Sheldon,” the spinoff of the “The Big Bang” series. 

I generally find the show amusing, but last night it took a turn that made me quite angry! The storyline was about the older son who is in a domestic relationship with a girl and they have a child. Last night the subject of their wedding came up. 

The girl is Catholic and the son is Baptist. The son’s mother is appalled that they might get married in a Catholic Church and the girl’s mother doesn’t want her daughter married in a Baptist church. 

The turn is when each grandmother decides to have the baby baptized. 

Sheldon’s mother invites her pastor to the house and has him baptize the child in the sink. After which he says, “In your face, Catholics!” 

This kind of “comedy” foments anti- Catholic sentiments of which there are plenty. 

The other grandmother brings the child to her priest who also baptizes the child. This is wrong, but there was no anti-Baptist insult. 

Deacon John F. DeBiase 

Garden City, NY

Pearl Harbor Sailor Dies at Age 102 

Dear Editor: As reported, a World War II Pearl Harbor sailor died at age 102. 

Lou Conter was on the USS Arizona where 1,777 died on that day of infamy on Dec. 7, 1941. Lou, according to reports, gave aid to fellow sailors who were hurt. 

He was a real hero. Now I would like to salute Lou as a true American hero who went through hell on that day. 

I know another who was there that day and that was my former father-in-law Charles Wieland who was a sailor on one of the ships that was there at Pearl Harbor. 

He later served during the Korean War and was stationed in Greenland. I myself served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam era. 

I am now a member of the American Legion Post #103 in Douglaston and also in the Catholic War Veterans and Auxiliary Post #1979 in Glen Oaks. 

Both organizations help veterans. Again, I salute sailor Lou Conter for all he did in World War II with honor and bravery. 

I would also like to praise those men and women in the military who serve today with courage and honor above the call of duty and which I say thank you. 

Frederick Bedell, Jr. 


‘Cabrini’ Is Wonderful

Dear Editor: What a wonderful movie 

I must admit, even as a New Yorker, I had to Google Five Points during the movie. I wasn’t quite sure where that was in the city. 

Every governor in the US should see this film. 

Our church needs to continue moving forward with Francis’ vision. 

Gail Opitz 

Falls Church, VA