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Youth Views: Has there been any event (personal, local, national) that has shaken your faith?


Britney Barker, senior Cristo Rey Brooklyn H.S.


Losing my grandfather. This made me question God because my grandfather was the only male figure that I had in my life and he meant a lot to me.




Rajae Clarke, senior Cristo Rey Brooklyn H.S.
I went to Nicaragua last summer to build a basketball court on the island of Ometepe. What shocks me the most is that even though we go there having the mindset of uplifting  that community, we end up being uplifted by them, more than any amount of help we could give them.



Sherina Elibert, junior Cristo Rey Brooklyn H.S.

My cousin recently passed last year and I couldn’t understand why. She wasn’t ready to go, she just got her first real job as a PT. I was upset but then I realized that her death was a reason/push for my family to be closer together.




Christina Bonne-Annee, junior Cristo Rey Brooklyn H.S.

Trump’s election. I’ve lost my faith in America, but I still ask God ‘Why did you let this happen?’






Nicole Lopez-Cespedes, sophomore Cristo Rey Brooklyn H.S.

My grandmother’s death. At the time I was 13 and didn’t understand. However, through the power of prayer, I gained tranquility and understood she was in a ­­better place.




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