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Which Democratic Candidate Is Pro-life?

Dear Editor: Two sisters in the congregation of the Humility of Mary are staunch supporters of anyone but Trump (“Iowa Catholics Weigh Choices,” Jan. 25). Sister Elaine closed with, “I’ve gone all the way around the circle and I don’t know where I am right now.” She is surely in the “wrong circle.”

Which Democratic candidate is pro-life? Which one has ever addressed the March for Life in Washington?

You call yourself “the pro-life newspaper.” As a Catholic, I know of no issue that supersedes the right to life. Do you? To me the term Catholic Democrats is a contradiction in terms.

Joseph De George

Little Neck

3 thoughts on “Which Democratic Candidate Is Pro-life?

  1. In response to Joseph De George, considering the direction the republican party has bee going lately, I believe Jesus would support any democrat who was nominated.

    1. In response to Tom Morano, please explain which issue is more valid, is more pressing, is more dire than abortion..? You accuse Republicans of taking a direction away from our Catholic teaching, please elaborate and make yourself clear what you mean..? It is not the Republican party that self declared the party of abortion at ANY TIME..! It is not the Republican party that advocates the destruction of family and freedoms of religion..! But, it is the Democrat Party whose platform is abortion on demand at any time during abortion and the destruction of family, destruction of true gender of children, the destruction of freedoms of religion. Please don’t get mixed up with false narrative and talking points which have no substance and do not protect our Catholic faith.