Letters to the Editor

Mr. White’s Iowa Article Is Biased

Dear Editor: A number of people asked me about Mr. White’s article about the Iowa caucuses about to begin. (“Catholic Iowa Democrats Weigh Choices, Jan. 25) I indicated that I had not read it and curiosity edged me to read the article. I read the Tablet every week.

I read the latest article on Iowa as my friends suggested. I thought I was reading a DNC press release. To call any of the top four candidates “catholic” (small c), even if two are known to be Baptized Catholic is a disgrace. The people interviewed certainly are biased as indicated by their responses. 

While everyone talks about Biden being so Catholic, I would not make him the poster child for the Church. This election has forced our candidates every week to “do one better” than the others.  We used to talk about a chicken in every pot; this group promises to give everything away to everybody for FREE! 

The Tablet is to remember, every candidate needs to be looked at fairly and not by a selective bias group that promotes a given party’s agenda.

I did notice that at the back of the Tablet there was an article about Trump supporting school prayer and doing something about it.  The back of the paper, hummm?

When people ask me who I support, I say I will tell them in November when the ticket is finalized.


Richard Hutter