Letters to the Editor

A Long Article Without Much Substance

Dear Editor: I was surprised by the tone of the article “Iowa Catholics Weigh Choices” (Jan. 25).

First of all, it was a long article without much substance, besides listing the views of ordinary citizens of the candidates.

There was, though, one message that came through loud and clear — the desire of all those interviewed to oust President Trump.

The writer presented the caucuses as simply a choice between many “equally qualified” candidates — like the choice of an entree in a fine restaurant.

What a poignant irony  that in the same week as the March for Life in Washington (and various other cities in the nation) this article referenced the words “abortion” and “pro-life” only once. Nowhere in the article did we read about the quandary Democratic Catholics face in choosing from among candidates who all have made it clear that they stand for “pro-choice”, “reproductive rights”  or whatever other euphemism they choose to use.

No one in the article spoke of the rights of those trying to enter the country not through the Texas border, but through the birth canal.

To spend several paragraphs focused on two nuns who have pictures of Joe Biden gracing their walls is sad. This politician was refused Communion because of his pro-abortion stand. Reading that nuns see his candidacy as a good thing is confusing to any reader. This is not something to be smiled at but rather to be prayed over.

The editor does have free choice in what is printed. I am sure that the space could have been used more constructively. If there had to be an article about the 2020 election a more balanced article about the 2020 election should have been selected.

Maria Franzetti 


Editor’s note: As you can see by the response to Ms. Pekar regarding the president being on the front page, compared to your own opinion, the faith doesn’t fit perfectly with regard to any political party. Prelates advise Catholics to vote their conscience, and they must do so in the election booth.