Letters to the Editor, Week of September 12, 2020

Legitimate cry for Justice Descends Into Vandalism; Baseball Will Remember Tom Seaver for all Time; Racial Injustice, a Blight On our Nation’s History; Is this the Right Way to Fight Against Injustice?

Letters to the Editor, Week of September 5, 2020

What Does it Mean to be ‘Religious’?; Catholic Voters Are Obliged to Vote Pro-life; The Pew Research Poll About President Trump’s Religiosity; The Wide Spectrum of Issues at Stake.

Letters to the Editor, Week of August 29, 2020

Senator Harris’ History of Catholic Intolerance; Kamala Harris and the Knights of Columbus; The Communion of Saints: A Great Spiritual Resource; Can you Still Consider Joe Biden a Catholic Politician?; A More Active Support for The Pro-Life Movement From All Catholics.

Letters to the Editor, Week of August 8, 2020

We Choose Anthony Fauci Over Stella Immanuel; Forgive Them, for They Know not What They do; Vandalism Against Catholic Churches; The Painful Closing of six Schools in the Diocese; Rep. John Lewis — a Man Of Character and Dignity.

Remembering Father James Sweeney

Dear Editor: I was truly sad when I read about the March 5th passing of Father James H. Sweeney (“Brooklynite Priest, ‘Incredibly Talented Artist’, Dies at 64,” Obituaries, March 21).

Was St. Christopher a Real Person?

Dear Editor: I read with interest the article “Holy Helpers: Saints in the Time of Coronavirus” (March 21). I was confused that the listing of “Fourteen Holy Helpers” included St. Christopher.

The Plight of Persecuted Christians in Nigeria

Dear Editor: An article on The Tablet called attention to the plight of Christians in northern Nigeria and the efforts of Father Joseph Bature Fidelis to help  (“Nigerian Priest Urges Western Leaders to Help Christians in His Country,” March 21).

The Expression “Birth Mother” Is Misguided

Dear Editor: I read the story “Pro-Life Family Shows the Adoption Choice,” (Feb. 8 edition) with great interest, for my mother relinquished me for adoption within a few weeks of my birth. I find myself saddened by the report’s use of the term “birth mother,” which, sadly, is widespread.