Free Press Is Essential to Democracy

Dear Editor: Free press is the country’s defense against total government control of the people and to hold people in government accountable.

In Defense of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dear Editor: I take offense of the cartoon you printed in the July 27, 2019 issue.  To show a depiction of the pharmaceutical industry as a greedy industry raising prices of pharmaceuticals by thousands of a percent is very deceitful.

American Citizens Deserve Help Too

Dear Editor: Catholic Extension has announced their Aid for Families of Deported Breadwinners program (The Tablet website, Aug. 9).

About the Validity of Canonical Marriage

Dear Editor: A concerned parent wrote and asked if their marriage, and the marriages of two of their children, which were celebrated by a priest who later left the priesthood, were still considered valid. They can rest assured that they are.

Catholic Veneration for the Remains of the Dead

Dear Editor: Edward Dorney misses the point (“About Human Composting,” Readers’ Forum, July 27).  Weigel defending religious sensibilities such as veneration for the remains of the dead is clearly not motivated by sanctimony towards the secularity that actually is sanctimonious.

The Dignity and Majesty of the Latin Mass

Dear Editor: One of the last bastions for meditation and contemplation is the Tridentine low Mass. The use of quiet before and during preserves the dignity and majesty.

“God Bless America” and “In God we Trust”

Dear Editor: The May 18, 2019 issue of the “The Tablet” contained an article with the caption “Pennsylvania Principal banned from saying ‘God Bless America.’” I guess those folks who want to disallow the use of this phrase also gave up the use of U.S. issued paper money!

The Gratuitous Ridicule of Animal Lovers

Dear Editor: The gratuitous ridicule of animal lovers discredits those expressing such disdain. Lately the Readers’ Forum has published letters that deplore those people who express love or deep concern for animals, whether this involves pets or ethical treatment, or, indeed the survival of diverse animal species.