A Crisis in The Church

Dear Editor: Ed Wilkinson’s Sept. 8 column wrongly casts the crisis in the Church in exclusively ideological terms. He attacks the letter of former Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Vigano, which accused many bishops and the Holy Father of failing to act on former Cardinal McCarrick’s history of sexual abuse, as having a “vindictive” tone and accuses him of “throw[ing] so many people under the bus that you just have to question his motives.”

Political Judgments

Dear Editor: Patricia Kenny (“Influences from Russia,” Readers’ Forum, June 30-July 7) praises the heroism of D-Day forces, and then tarnishes that tribute by using their memory to bolster her disturbingly misinformed contemporary political judgments.

Scandals and Reform

Dear Editor: In observing the recent fallout from the McCarrick affair, it is important to note that there is no mechanism to force a Pope to resign.

Don’t Disrespect the Flag

Dear Editor: Kudos to Mr. Amato (Readers’ Forum, “Stand for the Anthem,” Aug. 25). I have long felt the same about these athletes ever since the first one took a knee during the national anthem. Everyone has the right to protest. The laws of this country grant them that right, and I defend that right till my dying day.

Catholic Values

Dear Editor: Christ was a radical, who railed against the political, social and religious institutions of His day, because they promoted privilege, injustice and oppression. He publicly denounced leaders, who enjoyed their elevated status, by sowing social divisiveness and instilling fear among the people.

Racist Implications?

Dear Editor: Just read “Sessions on Racism” and “Bishop’s Letter on Racism” (June 23 issue) and I have just one comment. The latter states that “the document will focus on concerns affecting Native Americans and African-Americans and the ‘targeting’ of Hispanics.” I get the implication that all other ethnic groups are the ones doing the ‘sinning!’  How racist is that?

Consistent with Christ

Dear Editor: I was very impressed with Mary Grace Donohoe’s letter “Grappling with Human Dignity” (Aug. 18). This young person has a simple, yet very strong grasp of the conundrums of various issues desperately facing our world today, for instance, being pro-life, but not being amenable to taxes that can support our poor and disenfranchised.

A Gift of Grace

Dear Editor: Just a note to say that I sent in some summer book suggestions and The Tablet shared them. A few weeks later, I get an email to thank me for one of the books I suggested. The book was “How The Light Gets In,” by Brian Doyle – who wrote a lot for Orbis Press – a writer and a poet, a very spiritual man.

A Brooklyn Connection?

Dear Editor: The article “Civil Rights Road Trip,”(Aug. 25) chronicling the pilgrimage of Brooklyn priest Father John Gribowich to sites associated with the history of America’s civil rights movement, is illustrated by a couple-of-stories-tall “mural of social justice figures in Memphis, Tenn.” apparently on a factory or warehouse wall.

More to Being a Deacon

Dear Editor: As a deacon for over 31 years, I can honestly say that there is more to serving as a deacon than what Deacon Ferrari wrote (“Is There a Need for Permanent Deacons?” Aug. 18).