Questions Plowshares Story

Dear Editor: Like most of your readers, I love the holy Catholic faith. Naturally, I am filled with deep sorrow when I come across an article about church property being vandalized, as was reported by The Tablet (Feb. 18, Vandalism Strikes Again at American Martyrs Church). Judging by the title and the accompanying photos showing the damage inflicted on the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, it was unequivocal to the reader that The Tablet was justifiably disturbed by such vandalism of church property in our home diocese and condemned such irrational acts.

Respectful Church Music

Dear Editor: I find the recent letters on the music for liturgy very interesting. I remember as a young boy going to Rockefeller Center and there was always a segment of organ music played live. I remember when the organ was the only instrument in churches and I did survive.

Action vs. Indecent TV

Dear Editor: I praise letter writer Thomas G. Straczynski for his extraordinarily well-written description (April 21) of what has become of the entertainment industry, particularly Fox’s show “The Mick.” This show has been an abomination and a ghastly attack on our country’s Christian beliefs, and its morality and code for civilized behavior. The show has been exploitive of the child actors it pays, as well as condoning the horrific language and behavior of the cast characters used against one another.

Modern-Day Missionary

Dear Editor: I read Tony Rossi’s article “Sister Ave Tells Story of a Modern-Day Missionary.” After reading the book, I felt the great friendship that Arthur Mirell and Sister Ave shared. He accepted his cross of mental illness, schizophrenia.

The Laity and Vocations

Dear Editor: As a former resident of the Brooklyn/Queens Diocese, I am pleased to learn of the workshop on vocation recruitment (April 21). I do believe that it is imperative that the laity take on some responsibility for promoting vocations to the priesthood and the consecrated life.

Where There’s Smoke…

Dear Editor: It would seem, that Satan’s Smoke has seeped into the Facebook Boardroom and enveloped the minds hearts and souls of those, so arrogantly, pontificating from within.

Distorting the News

Dear Editor: The Vatican Secretariat for Communication distorted a letter written by retired Pope Benedict. The distortion thus seemed to be qualifying his generic support for a publication on the intellectual roots and thoughts of Pope Francis.

Live Life to the End

Dear Editor: There is currently a big push on from the liberals to pass so-called “Right to Die” / Doctor Assisted Suicide in New York State. Most doctors oppose this practice since it violates their oath. In addition, Catholics are supposed to respect life from conception to its natural ending.

Comprehending God’s Mind

Dear Editor: To “Hell? Yes!”  I say, “Hell, no!”  This may be a bit heretical, but if God is Love, as St. John tells us, how can that same loving God damn any part of His creation to eternal separation?  In the Creed, don’t we recite: “I believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible.”

In Favor of Republicans?

Dear Editor: Republicans are the good guys? In what world have you been living in for the past several decades?