Father Vincent Capodanno

Dear Editor: Are there extraordinary people who do wondrous deeds living in modern times or have all such individuals lived centuries ago in places far away? (“Movie Recalls Heroic Chaplaincy Of New York’s Father Capodanno, Nov. 2018”)

The Real Hypocrisy

Dear Editor: Kudos and right on with your As The Tablet Sees It, “A Path to Justice”, Feb. 23 piece. You put our less than illustrious governor right on the wall of “Anti-Catholic Shame on You.” I have been speaking and writing about this blatant, pre-meditated assault on Christ’s Church since the 90s when the abuse scandal first arose. Our entire Church was being framed and set-up and by a small, but driven group of anti-Catholic dregs and the bottom feeding main stream press and media trash.

Since Cain and Abel

Dear Editor: I may sound ‘doom and gloom’ but there has been scandal in the Church since the beginning (“Church Moving From ‘American Problem’ to American Solutions on Clergy Abuse,”March 2).

Our Best Instincts

Dear Editor: Kathleen Gallagher’s column (“Abortion Expansion Act Passes in New York,” Jan. 26) plainly states the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) was the brainchild of former Gov. Eliot Spitzer. Wow, I almost forgot about that old “champion of women.” His name and the legislation should have been publicly and inextricably linked. Not sure it would have changed the vote on the RHA, but it should have.

40 Days For Life

Dear Editor: I celebrate the Brooklyn Diocese for joining the 40 Days For Life, an internationally coordinated pro-life mobilization. Each day you can find prayers, devotions, an email subscription and podcasts for all Christians who are pro-life.

Lt. Petrosino, A True Hero

Dear Editor: Thank you for printing such an interesting and informative article on a true hero Lt. Giuseppe Petrosino (“NYPD Remembers Hero Killed In The Line Of Duty In Pope’s Backyard,” March 16).

Thank You, Bishop DiMarzio

Dear Editor: On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to send our heartfelt gratitude to the Most Reverend, Nicholas DiMarzio, for specifically naming The Bridge to Life as one on the organizations to direct almsgiving during the 2019 Lenten Season in his March 9 column in The Tablet (“Lent Can Help Promote the Value of Life,” March 9).

A Role Model

Dear Editor: May he rest in peace (“Sports Round-Up – Anton Turkovic,” Feb. 2). He was always helpful and took great care of the students who played their sports! I recall his office with all his wonderful pictures that were so important to him of his memories.

‘Shema, Yisroel’

Dear Editor: After just having viewed the movie “The Invisibles,” at my local Kew Gardens Cinema, I was inspired to write this brief memorial for my late beloved companion, Gloria Beutel Katz (1948-2018), of Briarwood.

40 Days For Life

Thank you, Bishop DiMarzio (“In Response To New Abortion Law, Diocese Joins 40 Days For Life,” March 23). At St. Francis Xavier Parish in the Bronx, we are praying for the unborn in danger of abortion.