Faith Should Be a Shield, Not a Sword

Dear Editor: Any intellectually rigorous treatment of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s doctrine of “cheap grace” (“Cheap Grace,” editorial, Nov. 9) should extend it to include lay people who self-identify as Christians.

The Simple Beauty of the Spoken Latin Mass

Dear Editor: The Tridentine Mass or Latin Mass was instituted by Pope Pius V in 1570. If I am correct, it was restricted or banned in 1963 by the Second Vatican Council, 1962- 1965 (“Latin Mass Is Making a Comeback,” Dec. 7).

A Statue for Mother Cabrini in Battery Park

Dear Editor: Well, despite my Brooklyn birth and growing up in East New York at the then parish of St. Malachy’s, I fully support the South Cove site in Battery Park for the new statue of Mother Cabrini (“Mother Cabrini Statue Will Be Placed in Battery Park,” Dec. 21.) 

Why, When and How Did This Change Evolve?

Dear Editor: Sadly, the October 17th 2019 Pew Research findings, as reported in The Tablet (“Number of ‘Nones’ are Increasing in the U.S.,” Oct 26) seems to indicate religious identity is suffering a serious downturn in America. (Catholic, 23% to 20% from 2009 to 2019, while the reverse seems to be distressingly true: atheist, agnostic and/or nothing, the “Nones,” 17% to 26% during the same time frame).

Teachers’ Money to the Democratic Party

Dear Editor:

The public school teacher’s union (United Federation of Teachers) recently sent a form to retirees called the Pension Deduction Authorization Form. Retired teachers are asked to sign and return this form allowing the union to allocate a portion of the teacher’s pension check to Political Action.

My Support to Bishop DiMarzio

Dear Editor: I would like to offer my support for Bishop DiMarzio. I believe he is innocent (“Bishop DiMarzio Vows Fight, Says He Will Be Vindicated,” Nov. 23).

In Defense of Bishop DiMarzio

Dear Editor:

It is very upsetting that someone, for whatever reason, chose to level such serious charges against Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio (“Bishop DiMarzio Vows Fight, Says He Will Be Vindicated,” Nov. 23). I have read and witnessed the outstanding work that the bishop has done for the Church.

The Struggle Faced by Many Veterans

The Tablet (Nov. 9) has several articles dealing with veterans and the country’s collective debt to them. According to Pentagon and House Committee on Oversight and Reform data, our debt is huge. More than 45,000 veterans and active-duty military — averaging 20 deaths a day — have killed themselves in the past six years.