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Trump Is No Champion of The Right to Life

Dear Editor: We are writing to you to express our profound disappointment that you would put a picture of President Trump on the front page of our Catholic newspaper (The Tablet, Feb. 1). Even though he attended the March for Life, everything that he stands for, his policies, and public statements are totally anti-right to life and antithetical to Catholic values.

You quote him, “Every child is a precious and sacred gift from God.” Yet his administration’s practice of separating children and even infants from families fleeing poverty, civil unrest and life-threating circumstances is cruel and inhuman. How is that right to life?

His quote continues, “Together we must protect, cherish and defend the dignity and sanctity of every human life.” His administration’s attempts to reduce Medicaid funding and end the Affordable Care Act and its protection for pre-existing conditions threatens and assaults the life of those in need of medical care. What about their life and dignity?

His opposition to equal pay and living wage legislation damages the dignity of women and families, making abortion look like a viable option to women who are struggling.

His refusal to support sensible gun control costs the lives of thousands every year. How is that right to life?

It is clear that Trump is an amoral and immoral person. He is three times divorced, a serial adulterer and serial sex abuser, whose infamous pathological lying should have earned the Tablet’s loud condemnation.

While we support all efforts to end abortion, the Tablet’s decision to put his picture on the front page without comment on his other policies suggests the Tablet’s endorsement. Take the wool off your eyes, Trump is no champion of the Right to Life and does not deserve our support.

Deacon Larry and Eileen Coyle 

Marine Park

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One thought on “Trump Is No Champion of The Right to Life

  1. In spite of his faults real and perceived, Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States and is a public persona. And as the only President who has addressed the Right to Life March in Washington, D.C., he should be recognized for his courage to do so by the Catholic community. This is a time when our Catholic identity must take precedence over our political sentiment. Are we to support political aspirants who espouse social justice issues while supporting the murder of unborn and just-born children? Those who do should reflect very deeply on whether or not they ARE Catholic.