Letters to the Editor

Two Full Pages of Anti-Trump Rhetoric

Dear Editor: Very disturbing to see the headlines on the front page of The Tablet that Iowa Democrats are so united in defeating the only true pro-life president. 

What is also disturbing is that The Tablet, which declares itself as the “pro-life newspaper,” made this a front page with two full pages of anti-Trump rhetoric.

Yet, President Trump is the only president that actually came to speak to our rally and proclaimed loudly that the life of the child is a blessing and needs protection.

How do these self proclaimed Catholic Iowa Democrats deal with the truth that their party is the party of death, their Bernie Sanders is a Communist, their “fresh breath” Buttigieg is living in sin as a homosexual, and Biden is a thief and has robbed Americans?

Yet, these Iowans instead of supporting our president are supporting politicians that are self-proclaimed anti-life and sinners. 

The Tablet is deceiving all readers by giving these Democrats the front page and a huge article. As an immigrant from Italy, I am appalled to see this lukewarm attitude from Catholics when they should be strong in their convictions in their Catholic faith and not be swayed by ‘nice’ words coming from ‘nice’ politicians!

Rosa Cerrato
Bath Beach