Letters to the Editor

Thank You For Supporting Bridge to Life

Dear Editor: Thank you, Maurice, for writing in support of the unborn (“Why I Am Not a Democrat Anymore,” Reader’s Forum, March 14). We are still in need of a place we can house our headquarters. We are losing our lease in April 2020. Please pray that we can relocate in time, and keep providing our clients with the services that they have come to rely on from us.

The most important issue of the day, besides the coronavirus, is the killing of unborn children in our state and in our country.

Everyone must make every effort to stop this. With the last election, by losing the Senate, we gave “King Cuomo” in Albany the power to pass just about any legislation that he wants. Remember, Cuomo is same person that told Conservative Republicans that they didn’t have a home in New York State.

Elections are both important on the local as well as the national level. On a national level, there’s only one party that believes in the sanctity of human life. On the state level, King Cuomo says it’s OK to kill a child even after he or she is born.

We need to get back to a culture that respects the dignity of all human life. We need to make America pro-life again! All elections have consequences.

Catherine Donohoe 


Editor’s note: Donohoe is the president of the board of directors of The Bridge to Life Inc.

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