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Why I Am Not a Democrat Anymore

Dear Editor: I am having an extremely hard time listening to the platform of the Democrat National Party. They seem to campaign with two mantras: They hate Donald Trump and they voraciously defend abortion. It really doesn’t matter who the Democrat is. The message is still the same. Their second mantra is one of the reasons why I left the DNC decades ago.

Right now, the one who seems to be surging in the party is Bernie Sanders. If he turns out to be the nominee of the party, I wish that he and the rest of his DNC colleagues would take note of the following paragraph.

Mr. Sanders, did you forget that you, too, we’re once a fetus? Were you happy when you were born? What makes your life more important or more valuable than the lives of the unborn?

Again, I am no fan of Donald Trump. I do not hate the man whatsoever. I do totally support that he is pro-life. If pulling the lever for him in the coming election saves the unborn, I will eagerly do so.

You, Mr. Sanders, need to examine your stance and change your position on this issue. You need to stand up for the unborn. The expression that is commonly used in this era is “pay it forward.” In other words, someone allowed you to have your life. Now, you must do the same. You and the rest of your party must stand up and allow the unborn to have their lives as well.

Maurice Bernier 

Springfield Gardens

2 thoughts on “Why I Am Not a Democrat Anymore

  1. Thank you Maurice for writing in support of the unborn. We at The Bridge To Life can use all the support in continuing our life affirming work. We need to get back a culture to one that respects and protects the dignity of human life. We need to
    Make America prolife again!!!! Elections have consequences!

  2. Yes, elections have consequences. The election of Donald Trump has given us a lying, hate-mongering, xenophobic president. He has made America hate again and made his rich billionaire friends even richer. Donald Trump cares nothing about the sick, the elderly, or the poor. He has rolled back funding for the agencies that would have taken charge of the corona virus crisis. Is this a pro-life president?

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