Our Youth

YV: Reflect upon the problem of hunger

pk_cmykPeggy Kindschuh, freshman
St. Saviour H.S.

We are all equals and should not look down upon and ignore the hungry, but rather, we should help them solve this issue.




bm2_cmykBrigid McEvoy, freshman
St. Saviour H.S.

I believe that the problem of hunger should not exist in the global community. So much food goes to waste and people take things like food for granted. We should support soup kitchens and food drives to help distribute food more evenly.



mb_cmykMichelle Barres, senior
St. Saviour H.S.

Politically the problem of hunger could be solved if people weren’t greedy. Hunger doesn’t always mean that people are throwing away food. People in power want more of it, which leaves others with less resources. If people could be content with what they have, things would be a lot more simple.



kb_cmykKyler Brown, sophomore
St. Saviour H.S.

Hunger is a problem that I believe can be solved with a few changes to the way that grocery stores or supermarkets work. Why don’t grocery stores have food drives for those who need it?