Queens Parish Partners With AOC to Fight Hunger

In the spirit of 1 John 3:18, Catholic youth handed bags of nonperishable food to needy people in the parking lot of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Corona, Queens. And they didn’t do it alone. The other organizers were the staff of U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the congresswoman herself.

Hunger Project Helps People In Brooklyn, NY, and Havana

“Eradicating extreme hunger and poverty is the No. 1 Millennium Development Goal of the UN and the more research we did, the more energized we became to do our part to help in some way,” Raphael said. “We decided to raise awareness of the problem, first in our school, and then in our community.”

YV: Reflect upon the problem of hunger

I believe that the problem of hunger should not exist in the global community. So much food goes to waste and people take things like food for granted. We should support soup kitchens and food drives to help distribute food more evenly.