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Youth Views: What motivates you?

Jada Clarke Cristo Rey Brooklyn Jada Clarke
Cristo Rey Brooklyn

I want to get better grades than I have. I want to be in the top three of my class and I want to get accepted to a great college.



Ariana Winter St. Francis Prep Ariana Winter
St. Francis Prep

What motivates me is the goals I have set for myself. I am not too hard on myself, but I do refuse to give up when I know something is achievable.



Lucas Carlos Pavlounis St. Francis Prep Lucas Carlos Pavlounis
St. Francis Prep

My motivation behind my work ethic is to become an accomplished individual. It is this drive that pushes me to do well academically and get involved in many different extracurricular activities.


Karen Pennacchio St. Francis Prep Karen Pennacchio
St. Francis Prep

The thing that motivates me the most is the kindness of my teachers. They motivate me to reach my highest potential and to make them proud.