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Youth Views: How has your hardships changed your opinions?

Johanna Obdyke, junior Bishop Kearney H.S.

My brother with autism has taught me to gain patience with everyone around me.





Emmanuel Kensaff, freshman Cristo Rey Brooklyn H.S.

My hardships have shown me that I should always have a positive aspect on everything that I do, whether it be at school, home or at work.




Teresa Kiernan, sophomore St. Saviour H.S.

Hardships can force you to see the world more harshly. However, my hardships help me to feel more sympathetic to those in the same situation.




Yashna Kinard, freshman Nazareth Regional H.S.

My hardships have molded me into the young lady I am today. My hardships changed my opinion on life in general because it taught me to never give up.




Joanne Gotanco, sophomore St. Francis Prep H.S. 

Honesty is key to an earnest relationship with your loved ones. When my mom had cancer, she told me straight off the bat and it helped me strengthen my relationship with her and God, to believe that everything would be okay — it did!




Natalie Balanzat, junior St. Agnes Academic H.S.

My hardships made me become a different person that I thought I could never be. Although the pain seemed unbearable during that time, it made me form opinions with a more open mind and heart.