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Why, When and How Did This Change Evolve?

Dear Editor: Sadly, the October 17th 2019 Pew Research findings, as reported in The Tablet (“Number of ‘Nones’ are Increasing in the U.S.,” Oct 26) seems to indicate religious identity is suffering a serious downturn in America. (Catholic, 23% to 20% from 2009 to 2019, while the reverse seems to be distressingly true: atheist, agnostic and/or nothing, the “Nones,” 17% to 26% during the same time frame).

One might rightfully ask, Are we witnessing the death of our country as a God fearing nation? And worse yet, our Church, Jesus’ Church? Why, when and how did this change evolve? There are not enough fingers on our hand to point to all of the causes.

Satan’s disciples have been poisoning the minds, hearts and souls of the Baby Boomers and more aggressively, the Millennials, in the written and electronic media to a youth mesmerized by this same media and internet.

Too many of us have been intoxicated by the secular enhancement of material and sinful rewards, power, profit, prestige and sensual delights, all this, at a time when we should have been teaching and guiding our children and grandchildren, about the richness and importance of our faith and responsibilities of God’s existence, love, significance and essence in their lives and future.

Too many of us stood by in an apathetic numbness, head in the sand and a myopic fantasy land. When we threw God under the bus of secular humanism and more irreverently on the back burner of our lives and faithless existences, we can point to things like Millennials as the problem, but in reality, we have to look to the deeper cause and effect. Sadly, too many of us have only to look in the mirror.

Bob Fallon

Breezy Point 

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