Letters to the Editor

Taking Pills Instead of Saying a Prayer

Dear Editor:

Kudos to Bob Fallon for his insightful letter (“Why, When and How did This Change Evolve?” Readers’ Forum, Nov. 9).

Our nation has become more secular in nature. The genesis of the phenomenon occurred in the 1960s with the onset of progressive education stressing the importance of race, gender etc. rather than the pursuit of a quality education and the formation of good character based on Judeo-Christian beliefs as professed in our motto, “In God We Trust.”

The idea that it takes a village to raise a child that was propagated by the liberal establishment sought to  destroy the very idea that a man and woman bound by marriage and a sacred duty to raise their children with a deep love of country and in a religious setting was being attacked for a purpose.

It prepared the way for more government involvement in our lives as witnessed by more children on welfare because of no father in the home and women being praised as “single mothers” as if it was something to emulate.

And today, the nuclear family is only two children because in New York the taxes are so high a couple both have to work to survive.

Today’s generation is so caught up with the internet and technology in general that they’ve lost their way. They get depressed easily and play the blame game (victimization) because along the way they’ve lost their faith in God.

The answer for all ills? Take a pill for all aches and pains instead of saying a prayer.

And our media downplays our Christianity at every turn when they publish political satire that attacks our sacred beliefs. This kind of satire should always be taboo when it comes to religion. When it does happen we have to immediately respond because it’s our duty as practicing Christians.

Lastly, the passing of a law by Governor Cuomo and the Democrats that would allow an abortion up to the third trimester and even the termination of the child after birth is just too horrific to contemplate! This is how far we’ve come in not upholding the sanctity of life. God help us!

Constance Dowd

Oakland Gardens