Our Youth

What is a sacrifice that you’ve made that was worth it?

Chris Curatola, sophomore St. Edmund Prep Chris Curatola, sophomore
St. Edmund Prep

A sacrifice in my life that I’ve made was giving up my time to altar serve, but at the end of the day, it made me feel better as a person.



Nicole Aliperti, sophomore Archbishop Molloy Nicole Aliperti, sophomore
Archbishop Molloy

Three years ago, I gave up dancing to focus more on schoolwork. This was difficult because at that time I had been dancing at a ballet school for 10 years. In the end it was worth it because now I am in a wonderful school with a great education.



Alfred Caccamo, freshman St. Edmund Prep Alfred Caccamo, freshman
St. Edmund Prep

I sacrificed playing hockey for clubs and theater. I love playing hockey and it’s upsetting not playing, but it’s worth it for theater.



Donna Kim, junior Archbishop Molloy H.S. Donna Kim, junior
Archbishop Molloy H.S.

I gave up my Easter vacation to go on a service trip to the Dominican Republic. It was definitely worth it because I got to help build a playground for the disabled children in Hogal Immanuel and got to know about the level of poverty around the world.


Robert Dell’Osso, sophomore St. Edmund PrepRobert Dell’Osso, sophomore
St. Edmund Prep

A sacrifice that I’ve made in my life is setting aside time everyday to study. I would have probably just spent this time playing games, but now that I see improvement in my grades, I realize that this sacrifice is well worth it.