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Welcoming New Catholics

Bishop baptizes
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couple candl;it
two candles
Bishop baptizes 2
candles in pews
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flag wavers
bishop surounded
catechumnen with candle
Conf 1
bishop sprinkles water
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easter candle flash
Hoppe with candle
Hoppe, Bishop and candle
Bishop preaches

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio baptized 10 people at St. Leo’s Church, Corona, during the Easter Vigil service. He also confirmed 55.

Speaking in Spanish and English, Bishop DiMarzio told participants that Jesus’ Resurrection was not simply a symbolic or spiritual event, it was a real bodily experience, attested to by the witness of the Apostles and earliest disciples.

More than 1,200 entered into full communion with the Church in Brooklyn and Queens last weekend.

(Photos: Ed Wilkinson)

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