Thousands Enter Church At Easter Vigils in the US

During what the Roman Missal describes as the “mother of all vigils,” the U.S. Catholic Church welcomed thousands of new Catholics at the Easter Vigil in churches big and small across the country.

Welcoming New Catholics

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio baptized 10 people at St. Leo’s Church, Corona, during the Easter Vigil service. He also confirmed 55.

Saving Waters of Easter

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio baptized 27 catechumens during Easter Vigil service at St. Agatha’s Church, Sunset Park.

Carolyn Woo

Rising With Christ in A Broken World

Jesus’ rising only changed people, His Apostles and each of us who professes His resurrection to life that could not be defeated by death, nor chained by fear, hatred and suffering. Jesus did not seek to settle scores with the Romans, Pilate, Herod, the Pharisees, the fickle mob. He just walked and spent time with His friends, accompanying them into life and love with the promise that He is always with them.

Light Shines on Newest Parishioners in Flushing

Almost 1,200 new Catholics entered the Church last weekend at Easter Vigil services throughout Brooklyn and Queens.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio was the main celebrant at St. Michael’s Church, Flushing, where he baptized 18 adults, confirmed those and 28 more and also led a profession of faith by more than 40 Anglicans who came into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

Ed Wilkinson

Easter Vigil Is Special – Not to Be Missed

The Easter Vigil service is the most dramatic liturgy of the Chuch calendar. It begins with the church in complete darkness. And then a single flame atop the Paschal Candle pierces the darkness, a symbol of the Light of Jesus Christ Risen from the dead. Light overcomes the dark. Good prevails over evil. Sight where there was blindness.