Growing Up in America, She Wants to Stay Here

Unconscious, unstable and not breathing was a young man after his family found him attempting to end his own life. His family started CPR and dialed 911 to save what would have been a life span just shy of 22 birthday candles.

Why Vincentian Values Matter

If Newton’s third law of motion could be applicable to the current status quo of the young Church, then for the misguided, misinformed and spiritually misunderstood teenager out there, an equal and opposite force must be headed for a crash course with that person in the same direction, right? Would that teenager then be equipped with proper guidance, information and an understanding of one’s spiritual and moral compass?

Year of Vocations Begins with Mass in Douglaston

Simply stated, without priests, there is no Eucharist, and without the Eucharist, there is no Church. So on the same day the Catholic Church celebrated the feast day of St. John Vianney, the patron saint for diocesan priests, seminarians from the Cathedral House of Formation in Douglaston, celebrated a special Mass and barbecue with Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio as the diocese officially opened its Year of Vocations.

Troops to Teachers Brings Veterans into the Classroom

A small group of military servicemen and women attended an information session at St. Francis College, Brooklyn Heights, July 26 to gather intel on how to begin a new journey of sorts: serving their communities in the classroom through a national program called Troops to Teachers.

Knights, Clergy Show Unity With Persecuted Christians

In the cultural and legal center of Brooklyn, atop of Brooklyn Borough Hall’s front steps, a little over a dozen lay Catholics accompanied by several priests stood unashamed showing their unity with their brothers and sisters in baptism suffering in the Middle East and in Africa.