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Trump’s Courageous Fight Against Abortion

Dear Editor: The Tablet should reconsider its protestations of evenhandedness given its repetitive publication of letters containing false slanders without rejoinders (Readers’ Forum, February 8).

Trump never disparaged the disabled. His having repeated a familiar mocking gesture of arm tremors toward yet another reporter caught in a lie did not in any way “make fun of” any disability.

Then there were women trotted out to lie about past encounters on occasions when Trump was thousands of miles away, to “prove” predatory behavior.

Even voices within the Church have been aligning with the chorus of leftists exercising moral displacement to compensate for the repression of conscience. To continue guilt-free support for the mass murder of inconvenient unborn life, even Catholics support the mythologies of exaggerated environmental catastrophes. Thankfully, President Trump had the courage to rescind participation in the idiocies of the Paris Agreement.

But it becomes a more extreme order of hubris to characterize Trump’s courageous fight against abortion, with greater successes than any office holder in world history, as an abuse of Catholic sensibilities. This interpretation of a man who gave a more heartfelt speech defending life a few weeks ago than any Catholic who belittles him ever could, in itself, is a form of cynicism that abuses Catholic values, presuming Catholics who hate Trump care about abortion at all and are not just using their religion as a pretense for moral outrage.

The unprincipled dishonesty of Catholic Liberalism is the real reason the young leave the faith.

Carmen Biggers 

Fresh Meadows

One thought on “Trump’s Courageous Fight Against Abortion

  1. Amen! Even if some of the allegations about his previous history (we all did stupid things when young) are true, his current actions appear to be those of someone who is undergoing conversion (I say undergoing because true conversion never stops – we all need constant conversion). Furthermore, his accomplishments have done more to improve the conditions of more of our citizens than all of the social programs since Lyndon Johnson.