Letters to the Editor

Catholic Sisters Week In The United States

Dear Editor: March 8-14 is Catholic Sisters Week in the U.S. While the last 50 years has seen a dwindling number of religious vocations there is much hope for the future.

The Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious (www.cmswr.org) is a community of sisters that embraces the church Magisterium and frowns to embrace secular and political interests. Remarkably, about 70% of new vocations are joining these orders of nuns.

The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia (www.nashvilledominicans.org) founded in 1860, the Dominican Sisters of Mary (www.sistersofmary.org) founded in 1997 like the Sisters of Life (www.sistersoflife.org) are just some of these orders of nuns seeing a growing number of vocations.

With an average age of 30, these communities support living in convents, wearing religious habits and practicing the vow of poverty by minimizing money and possessions. Check out www.cmswr.org and share the future of our religious sisters.

Joe Campbell 

Port Washington

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