Letters to the Editor

Thrill of Seeing the Pope

Dear Editor: I just wanted to share a moment of unbelievable joy in my heart and soul about Pope Francis’ visit to Central Park in New York City.

I entered the sweepstakes to receive a ticket by lottery. I never expected to win. I checked my email and on Sept. 14, I confirmed I had won the ticket.

I waited on line, then at 11 a.m., we were allowed to enter the park. People were talking to one another, sharing their feelings about Pope Francis and the Church.

I asked someone to take a picture so I could see his face up close. He and his wife picked me up so I could see the pope’s smiling face. What a wonderful moment in my life! I felt like I did receive his special blessing. To have seen his wonderful smile and wonderful eyes – that will be in my heart forever.


Bay Ridge