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Questions About Refugees

Dear Editor: The Tablet cover story, Nov. 28,   says “Catholics Back Refugee Resettlement,”and Bishop DiMarzio’s column is titled “Welcome The Strangers.”

For the record, I am a practicing Catholic with 16 years Catholic education. I also served the country as a B-52 pilot with two Vietnam tours. I oppose Syrian refugees for a number of reasons. As Peter King explains to the Libs on Morning Joe, you cannot “vet” them. Existing data bases are not used. Forty percent of illegal aliens overstay visas. They signed documents to come here… nobody knows where they are.

Also, (some) Muslim countries are not taking any refugees. Saudi Arabia has 100,000 huge tents with cooking and bathroom facilities for three million people that are empty.

Who is paying for them? The United States is broke. My grandkids are $18 trillion in debt with another $100 trillion of unfunded liabilities.

Libs ask, “Am I afraid of women and children?” Yeah… women blow themselves up, just like the guys, and the beautiful innocent children get radicalized and plant bombs in Boston.

When the Saudis take the first three million refugees, I will reconsider my position.

Tom Hackert


Dear Editor: Fourteen Catholic organizations say: “To reject Syrian refugees out of fear would be wrong.”

By registering them carefully, we may avoid admitting members of ISIS, but most of the refugees are still Mohammedans, and their religion actively tries to convert people. Are we going to try to convert them, or will they try to convert us in the long run?

It is a sad phenomenon in our country that mosques are being built one after the other, yet our Catholic churches are being shut down, one after the other.



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  1. How sad that this type of commentary is being carried in a Catholic publication. What would Pope Francis’ response be to these letters?

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