Pope Francis Holds Private Meeting With Parents of LGBT Children

Pope Francis told a group of parents of LGBT children Sept.16 that God loves them as they are, and that the Church loves them because they are “children of God.” The pope’s words came during a short, private encounter with some 40 Italian mothers and fathers of LGBT children that took place following his Sept.16 general audience.

Pope Appeals for Peaceful Protests, Says Stop the Violence and Hate

On Sept.13, Pope Francis addressed the wave of protests that have swept through the globe this summer, some of which have turned violent, issuing an appeal for peaceful demonstrations and for those fueled by hate to let go and move toward forgiveness and reconciliation.

With Pope Francis’ Okay, Cardinal Says Return to Public Mass ‘Necessary and Urgent’

Calling it “necessary and urgent” to return to public Masses as soon as anti-COVID 19 measures permit, the Vatican’s top official for liturgy has urged Catholic bishops around the world not to let religious worship be relegated to a priority level below “recreational activities” or treated as just another public gathering.

Pope Will Sign New Encyclical in Assisi Oct. 3

Pope Francis will travel to Assisi Oct. 3 to sign an encyclical on the social, political and economic obligations that flow from a belief that all people are children of God and therefore brothers and sisters to one another.

Pope Praises Priest Who Pioneered Argentine Form of Liberation Theology

By Inés San Martín ROSARIO, Argentina (Crux) – When a pope has no global leaders visiting him on a regular basis, and no appointments with bishops from around the world doing their regular trek to the Eternal City, what does he do? Well, if you’re Pope Francis, you use the time to dispatch personal notes […]