Senators in Pope’s Argentina Reject Liberalization of Abortion

Senators in Pope Francis’ native Argentina voted against a bill that would have legalized abortion on demand until week 14 of a pregnancy early Aug. 9, following a marathon session that came as the latest twist in a three-month national debate marked with massive public rallies both in favor and against the measure.

Leaked Letter Puts Pressure on Chile Cardinal

Despite repeated attempts to distance himself from his country’s sexual abuse crisis, including recently asserting there’s a climate of “slander” against the Catholic Church, Chilean Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati of Santiago is facing mounting scrutiny for his role in the scandals both from outside the Church and within.

In Bari, Pope Renews Call For Peace in Middle East

As war continues to threaten the land of Jesus’ birth and to undermine the existence of Christian communities there, the international community must learn from the errors of the past and do more to bring lasting peace to the Middle East, Pope Francis said.

Pope Says Local Bishop Should Make the Call on Intercommunion

After a day of touting ways in which Christians might share in greater unity, that commitment to coming together didn’t prevent Pope Francis from backing the Vatican’s doctrinal watchdog in its decision to insist on caution regarding proposals for intercommunion with Protestants.

Pope Redefines Press For Unity With Call for ‘New Ecumenical Spring’

In an address to nearly 150 Christian leaders from around the world on Thursday, Pope Francis called for a “new ecumenical spring” to redefine efforts towards unity – one marked not by tailoring the faith to “worldly ways of thinking,” but rather, one made possible by an attractive witness to the joy of the Gospel.