‘Rejected’ Nigerian Bishop, Backed by Pope, Resigns

Eight months after ordering priests in a Nigerian diocese to pledge their obedience to the pope and accept the bishop that now-retired Pope Benedict XVI had named for them, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the disputed bishop.

Panel Debates First Five Years of Francis’ Papacy

Pope Francis received glowing reviews for his pastoral outreach and his public engagement of the Church in the modern world from a panel of Catholic experts convened Feb. 13 at Georgetown University to review the last five years since his election – but they warned that it all risks being lost if he does not effectively respond to the question of sexual abuse within the Church.

Bishop Dewane says Pope Francis Put Church’s Social Tradition ‘Front Stage’

Pope Francis has taken the rich social tradition of the Church that was championed by Pope John Paul II and “made it front stage,” says Bishop Frank Dewane. He said that while there has been a constant tradition of Catholic social activism, he believes there’s been an uptick during the Francis papacy.

Letter on Chilean Bishop Surfaces

Less than a week after the Vatican announced Pope Francis was sending a trusted investigator to Chile to listen to people with information about a bishop accused of covering up clerical sexual abuse, the Associated Press reported the pope was given a detailed letter from a survivor almost three years ago.

Francis’ Papacy: Promise or Peril for the Church?

Ross Douthat and Austen Ivereigh, two of the most prominent commentators on 21st century Catholicism, shared a stage for the first time to engage in a high-level conversation on the Francis papacy.

In-Flight Wedding on Papal Plane Met All Requirements

When Pope Francis convalidated the marriage of two flight attendants in the air, the story sent waves of turbulence through the Catholic blogosphere, but the Holy Father did not make the decision on the fly.

Pope to Investigate Chilean Bishop

Pope Francis asked a longtime expert in handling abuse allegations to gather new information in Chile concerning Bishop Juan Barros of Osorno.