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The Magnificent Life of Kaitlyn Bernhardt

Dear Editor: The article “Brooklyn Teen on Early Road to Sainthood Remembered at St. Bernard’s Parish,” by Antonina Zielinska, on July 6 was a moving eulogy and testimony of the short but magnificent life and ministry of Kaitlyn Rose Bernhardt… a very beautiful, blessed instrument and messenger of God’s love and desire for the salvation of His earthly creations.

Some ask why did God bring her home so early in her life’s mission and ministry? God’s reasoning is far beyond our human knowledge and ability to wrap our minds and hearts around. I believe that her ministry and mission on earth was to “generate prayer and love” in a world often seriously devoid of each. I believe that she completed God’s plan.

Those who know of her story also know that she passionately and absolutely accomplished both, all over our world. The article speaks to several examples of her ministry being lovingly accomplished. Our Blessed Mother guided her through her painful journey with words of spiritual strength and encouragement.

There are more examples. One not mentioned, but which continually comes to mind, occurred shortly after her return home to God. Kaitlyn loved to swim, especially in Breezy Point. She also loved swimming with the dolphins. In a vision of our Blessed Mother, Mary allowed her to see Heaven, as a beautiful field of yellow and green flowers. On this particular day, as her family stood on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, they saw a pod of dolphins frolicking in the surf. One broke away and swam close to the shore right in front of them. Her mother and father noted that it was Kaitlyn sending a message to them that everything was alright. As the dolphins returned back offshore, her father noticed a small plastic bag bobbing in the water by their feet. He leaned down to retrieve the bag. That’s when he noticed that there was something inside. He opened the bag, and to his surprise found a green and yellow Rosary, the colors of her vision of Heaven.

Some may say that it was simply a coincidence, but I have always believed that “coincidence is often God’s way of remaining anonymous.” We prayed for Kaitlyn to be relieved and cured from her earthly passion, which God did in bringing her to her heavenly reward. We now can, with a strong degree of love and confidence, pray to Mary to intercede with God and her Son to lift Kaitlyn to the honors of the altar.

Bob Fallon

Breezy Point

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