The Magnificent Life of Kaitlyn Bernhardt

Dear Editor: The article “Brooklyn Teen on Early Road to Sainthood Remembered at St. Bernard’s Parish,” by Antonina Zielinska, on July 6 was a moving eulogy and testimony of the short but magnificent life and ministry of Kaitlyn Rose Bernhardt… a very beautiful, blessed instrument and messenger of God’s love and desire for the salvation of His earthly creations.

Parents Recall Their Daughter’s Vision

Kaitlyn Bernhardt’s parents, Jennifer and Robert, and her grandmother, Frances Fallon, all say that the girl seemed to be connected to heaven in a special way.

Kaitlyn’s Example Shines in India

The people who knew Kaitlyn Rose Bernhardt said she lived her life in a manner of saintly example, and Msgr. Joseph Grimaldi, vicar of the Diocese of Brooklyn and pastor of St. Bernard, Mill Basin, Kaitlyn’s home parish, said the girl’s spirituality and influence spread past her circle of family and friends.