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The Gratuitous Ridicule of Animal Lovers

Dear Editor: The gratuitous ridicule of animal lovers discredits those expressing such disdain. Lately the Readers’ Forum has published letters that deplore those people who express love or deep concern for animals, whether this involves pets or ethical treatment, or, indeed the survival of diverse animal species.

This disdain arises from some people who oppose abortion and feel that the passion directed at caring about animals is not only unseemly but misdirects emotion that should be focused on human pro-life concerns and efforts.

But surely concern for animals and concern for preventing abortion involve quite separate issues, and trying to relate those issues, even as overlapping, can only create unnecessary resentment and discredit pro-life people.

It is, of course, not only possible but perhaps likely that one person can harbor sentiments favorable to both issues. The Catholic Church opposes abortion in most cases but also has a long history of  encouraging humanity’s stewardship of the environment and earth’s biosphere.

For examples we can take to St. Francis of Assisi and to Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si.

Roger N. Hofmann


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