Letters to the Editor

“God Bless America” and “In God we Trust”

Dear Editor: The May 18, 2019 issue of the “The Tablet” contained an article with the caption “Pennsylvania Principal banned from saying ‘God Bless America.’” I guess those folks who want to disallow the use of this phrase also gave up the use of U.S. issued paper money!

On the backside of any paper money issued in this country there is the clear and precise phrase “In God we trust.” Take a look. It’s there!

How can a local law or ruling penalize anyone for saying “God Bless America” when God is clearly referred to on our money? (See on the reverse side of any paper money).  The phrase “God Bless America” refers to the same God as is referred to on our paper money!

If the federal Government seems to be OK with this reference to God, how can a school principal be punished for referring to the same God in much the same way?  I guess there are those among us who want to eliminate God from our lives and throw away the principles that our country was founded on. Shame on you!

Lou Milisci

East Elmhurst