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A Far More Insidious Enemy

Dear Editor:

The 75th Anniversary of D. Day has just passed, in which the nation acknowledged publicly the extreme sacrifice made by so many in ensuring the continuation of freedom and liberty. After the second World War, the United States severely cut back on Military, believing, mistakenly, that having nuclear weapons would be a deterrent to any who would be aggressive in the future.

That hope or expectation did not last very long. Although the war ended on September 2, 1945, within less than five years (June 5, 1950) another suddenly began in a very remote part of the world. Unknown to so many Americans at that time, Korea was the place. The surprise attack almost succeeded in driving the then U.N. forces (95% American) off the peninsula.

Only the grit, determination and bravery of the men involved prevented that catastrophe from happening. Although it was projected afterward by some attempt or effort to reunite the country from the North, it was a test of resolve in the West in stopping Communism, which to this day is still wreaking havoc in North Korea.

The United States, however, is now and has for some time faced a far more insidious enemy than communism. The irony is that the enemy is within. In fact, it’s been said that “should America ever fall (and we should bear in mind that all “empires” have fallen), it will not be from without but from within”. When so many of our citizens condone, advocate or agree with killing the unborn (abortion) then there is a serious problem. When it’s done in the name of democracy it’s now a very serious problem.

This country was founded on the Judeo/Christian philosophy evolving from Magna Carta, etc. When the US Supreme Court finds that it’s a constitutional right to abort, we are in serious trouble. Regardless of party that anyone supports, nobody, especially a Christian, should support any that does.

A war is in progress for the life of this nation. It’s time for all good people to come support life!

Thomas C. Cullinane


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