Letters to the Editor

Teachers’ Money to the Democratic Party

Dear Editor:

The public school teacher’s union (United Federation of Teachers) recently sent a form to retirees called the Pension Deduction Authorization Form. Retired teachers are asked to sign and return this form allowing the union to allocate a portion of the teacher’s pension check to Political Action.

Political Action in this case means giving your money to the Democratic Party through lobbying activities or whatever the party thinks best. While it may mean lobbying for pay raises, etc., it also means backing efforts to pass laws allowing late term abortion, possibly legalizing prostitution or other Democratic Party goals.

Whatever the teacher’s philosophy, by signing the Deduction Authorization that teacher is giving away the power he or she could use for his or her own political goals to the U.F.T.

This retiree is not giving away his power to a union lobbyist.

Robert Petty

Bay Ridge

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